Data Bundle Prices Comparison Between Network Operators in Rwanda


Rwanda is a small country with around 12 million citizens and has a mobile penetration rate of around 78% as of Q2 2018. It also has roughly 5.5 million internet subscribers, which is 46% of the population.

Although they have a relatively low Internet penetration to Kenya for example, it is still interesting to check out what the local telcos charge the citizens for data bundles.

The two main networks in Rwanda are MTN Rwanda and Airtel-Tigo. The latter was a merger and this means both share the active subscriber base rather evenly, with the majority going to the Airtel-Tigo base (5 million vs 4.1 million)

You may be wondering what data bundles they offer to citizens and how much they charge them for and we have you covered in this handy table. The prices have been converted to Kshs.

Data PackageMTN (Kshs)Data PackageAirtel-Tigo (Kshs)
15MB (daily)119.8MB (daily)12
50MB (daily)2324.5MB (daily)23
100MB (daily)4129.5MB (daily)17
200MB (daily)58400MB (daily)52
1GB (daily)1161.2GB (daily)93
500MB (weekly)116300MB (weekly)116
1.5GB (weekly)2325GB (weekly)580
1GB daily for a week5803GB (monthly)348
300MB (monthly)11630GB (monthly)2436
1GB (monthly)232
3GB (monthly)580
10GB (monthly)1160
30GB (monthly)2900
1GB daily (monthly)2436
2GB daily (monthly)2900
3GB daily (monthly)3480
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