Telkom Kenya to Gift Nokia Phone Buyers with Data and Voice Bundles

Telkom Kenya MSA

Telkom Kenya MSAIt is often advised to buy stuff during the holidays season because retailers tend to slash a few hundreds or thousands off their products’ prices. This has been the case during the just concluded Black Friday and Cyber Monday sessions that saw technology companies such as Xiaomi push its popularity after heavily discounting some of its devices.

Telkom Kenya is doing the same thing some Nokia devices in its stores. While the pricing matches what you would pay in other outlets, the carrier, traditionally, adds free data and voice goodies on top of the purchases.

Today’s lineup is from HMD Global and cuts through every price segment for groups that need buy a Nokia device from the carrier.

The budget segment – Nokia 1 and Nokia 2.1

This is the cheapest way of getting into the Nokia brand. The device, which is perhaps the only compact phone you can buy right now in a market that’s marked by tens of +6-inch handhelds, costs KES 7,000 at Telkom Kenya’s retail stores. It runs Android Go, a lite version of Google’s Mobile OS that is easy on resources. The version packed in the device is stock, meaning folks at Nokia can send updates on time.

Nokia 1

We detailed the device’s full specifications in a previous post.

The 4.5-inch screen fitted on the Nokia 1 can be tiny for some people, and that is where the Nokia 2.1 comes in. It stretches the display to a larger and modern 18:9, 5.5 incher. What is more, it also runs Android Go edition that should not tax its 1 gig of RAM for basic tasks. It also packs a massive 4000 mAh juicer for extended longevity.


The 2.1 costs KES 11,499 at Telkom Kenya shops.

More specs can be read here.

The midrange – Nokia 3.1

My colleague George reviewed the 3.1 and loved every bit of its offerings. The handheld is built well and creates the perception that it costs more than its current price of KES 15,499.

Nokia 3-1 software

More specifications are detailed here.

The upper midrange – Nokia 6.1 Plus

The 6.1 Plus was announced a couple of weeks ago. It is the only Nokia device in Kenya with a screen cutout popularly referred to as the notch, and packs modern features such as fast charging, USB Type-C, and dual camera sensors, to mention a few. Telkom is selling the device at KES 30,499, which is a fair price for what the 6.1 Plus brings to the table.

Nokia 6.1 Plus

As we mentioned, any purchase is bundled with 7 GB of Telkom Kenya data and 300 minutes of voice to any network valid for 30 days.

Finally, Nokia says it will update its entire lineup to Android 9 Pie. Only the Nokia 7 Plus and the 7.1 have since been updated to Pie.


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