VPN Choices for Australians – Looking at the Top 3 Options


More and more Australians are learning that a VPN is the best way to ensure privacy when they are online. This is a big step in the right direction because it’s never been more important to safeguard yourself when you’re browsing. With an estimated one in five Australians being the victim of a computer crime, you really can’t afford to go online without taking the proper precautions.

Perhaps you’re under the impression that only people who are doing something illegal online need to use a VPN. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you use a VPN, you’re protecting sensitive personal data like bank account and credit card numbers. You’re also obscuring where you go online and what you do. After all, is it really anyone’s business what you do on the Internet?

What to Look for in a VPN

The chances that you’ll be the victim of hacking or a brute force attack are minimized when you use a VPN. However, if you’ve never had a VPN before, then it may be difficult to know what to look for. Below you’ll find a detailed explanation of the three most critical factors to consider.

A Strict No-Logging Policy

One of the main reasons to use a VPN is to prevent nosy people from keeping track of you online. Some VPN providers keep logs that record when you log on, what websites you visit, everything you do while there and when you log off. This is not what you want from a VPN.

Instead, you want a VPN provider that follows a strict no-logging policy. This means that they aren’t keeping any records of your online activities. It’s even possible that they aren’t keeping any of your personal information stored in their records. That’s the kind of anonymity that you deserve.

This is something that you really need to be careful of when using open source of freeware vpns. The reasoning is quite simple – VPNS are essentially rented IPs or as more commonly referred to proxies, they allow you to connect to the Internet via another channel. Most free VPN services will sell your data in exchange for these IPs or proxies. This is an absolute recipe of disaster and I would highly recommend against it.


When you use a VPN, your web traffic is diverted through the VPN’s servers, which may be located in places around the world. A reputable VPN provides you with a wide choice of servers so that you can use one that’s close to home. This ensures that you get faster data transfer rates.

Server Locations

The VPN provider that you choose ideally has servers located all over the world. This enables you to spoof your location if necessary and to do some streaming in regions where you would otherwise be blocked. The closer the server is to your actual location, the faster the data transfer rates will be. Accordingly, you want a service that has a strong and diverse network of servers.

Recommended VPN Providers

Many providers are vying for your business, but only a few of them are worth your time. Here are the three that should be at the top of everyone’s list.


This is one of the top VPN providers around the world. Users are under no restrictions when it comes to downloads and streaming. Speeds are lightning fast thanks to an enormous network of more than 2,000 servers located in every corner of the globe. Additionally, ExpressVPN is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, which means that they are not required by law to keep any records. They also boast impressive security measures like a kill switch and AES 256-bit encryption.


This is another really competitive entry in the VPN field. You can pay for your VPN using cryptocurrency, ensuring perfect anonymity. NordVPN relies on military-grade encryption and provides an option for double VPN if you really want to cover your tracks. Plus, the company headquarters are in Panama, so you don’t have to worry about them keeping any logs or records. With more than 5,000 servers in 62 countries, it’s a safe bet that you’ll find a server close to you.


With only a little more than 700 servers, Vypr’s network is not as robust as the other two. Nonetheless, they offer solid speed, performance and security so Australians could definitely benefit from choosing this service. VyprVPN puts few restrictions on users as far as downloads, and there are no data caps. You’ll find apps for virtually all devices on VyprVPN.

Each of these VPN services is affordable as well. You may pay by the month for many of them or sign up for a year or more of service. Typically, this works out to just a few dollars per month for boundless peace of mind. This is one expense that’s definitely worth it.


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