Youtube’s Own Video is One of the Most Disliked Videos

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youtube rewind 2018 video dislikes

YouTube Rewind  is that fun project YouTube does at the end of the year to recap all the fun and weird things that were shared on the platform by its bevy of creators. In the YouTube Rewind video, you will be able to identify some creators, while some could be totally new to you and in between, they will allude to various memes from YouTube and can be a fun thing to watch.

Well this year’s version of YouTube Rewind seems  like it wasn’t a ‘fun thing to watch’ as now it is the second most disliked video in YouTube history!

As of writing this article, the video has garnered over 7.2 million dislikes, which is phenomenal considering the video is yet to hit 100 million views(currently over 97 million). In contrast, the number of likes is above 2 million, which is almost a quarter of the dislikes count.

You may be wondering why people ‘hated’ this video so much and checking the over 1.3 million comments below it may reveal the problem. Some felt that it didn’t focus on the content creators and should focus on those who made a big impact on YouTube. Others say that the video was actually well shot but it was only featuring mainstream ad-friendly creators with semi relevant social media celebrities.

Well, this video is on track to beat the YouTube video with the most dislikes, which is none other than Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’, which has over 9.7 million dislikes and 10 million likes from 2 billion views. That is an 8 year old video and the YouTube Rewind one is only 4 days old so this could take the crown easily in the near future.