YouTube Rewind 2018 is Now The Most Disliked Video on YouTube

It did this in a very short time

youtube rewind 2018

It was bound to happen and it has finally done it. This year’s controversial YouTube Rewind is now the one with the most dislikes on YouTube with over 10 million dislikes.

The amazing thing is that it has managed to surpass the long time champ in the dislikes department, Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ video, which had garnered its dislikes over the last 8 years. YouTube Rewind 2018 managed to do this in only 8 days. It is also cool to note that the dislike count on 2018’s YouTube Rewind is approximately 10% of the current view count, which is really high. Compare that with only 0.5% on Justin Bieber’s case.

This video has been criticized by YouTube viewers as well as the creators themselves where the common rhetoric is that it didn’t represent fully the events that happened over the past year on YouTube.

One creator that was present in the video is the well known MKBHD who recently published a video describing why he didn’t like the video. His argument was that YouTube was trying to be more friendly to advertisers as well as trying to include as many creators as possible and combining these aspects made it a jumbled mess. Also the fact that creators and audiences see YouTube as a different thing while YouTube sees it as something completely different.

Well, YouTube has their work cut out for them in 2019’s edition of YouTube Rewind. They know they will not be able to please everyone but this level of backlash towards their video could make them make it as simple as the first YouTube Rewind back in 2011.


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