AdGuard Overview – Block Ads on Any Device or Platform


Almost every website you visit nowadays will probably have tons of ads, and a decent number of apps and software include them as well. Before you stream videos you’re likely to first see an ad, and often you may have to deal with pop-ups and more nefarious pop-unders as well.

While it is true there are quite a number of ‘ad blockers’ out there nowadays, most probably won’t live up to your expectations. The majority of ad blockers are browser extensions – meaning they are limited to blocking ads with your browser, and don’t work on all types of ads.

In contrast to other ad blockers however, AdGuard is a standalone app with versions for macOS, Windows, iOS and Android. Although each of its versions is unique, they all are designed to fulfill the same goal: To block all ads on any device or platform.

As a standalone app, AdGuard does not have the same limitations of other ad blockers, and is able to block ads far more effectively. Instead of just stopping ads from being displayed, it will actually filter them out directly so that they aren’t even processed in the first place.

Features and Capabilities

Aside from the unique features in each version, the capabilities that you can expect on any device or platform when you use AdGuard include:

  • Powerful ad blocking that can block all types of ads including banners, text ads, video ads, pop-ups, and more. The ad blocking in AdGuard is not limited to the browser, but extends to other apps and software that may contain ads as well.
  • Privacy protection to ensure that your personal information isn’t captured or tracked by cookies, analytic systems, and other trackers. It includes protection from data tracking such as the type used by Facebook (
  • Safeguards to shield against online threats including malware, malicious websites, phishing attempts, and so on. All websites and apps will be checked using AdGuard’s database of known threats that is regularly updated.
  • Customizable options that will let you decide what ads you want to block or show, or websites that you want to whitelist. It is possible to even create your own custom filters that you can add to AdGuard based on your specific requirements.

Suffice to say AdGuard won’t just block ads – but will actively protect you whilst you’re online. Considering the number of threats out there and the numerous ways in which you’re tracked while surfing the web or using various apps, its impact will definitely be felt.

At the end of the day however the best way to see what AdGuard is capable of is to install it. All you need to do is pick out the version for your device, and you should be able to download and install it in a matter of minutes. As soon as you do you’ll be able to see firsthand the difference that it makes, and can enjoy an ad-free online experience of a kind you’ve probably never seen before.