Why More People are Turning Towards Their Mobile


We are all living increase busy lives and this has resulted in a great many of us turning online to source our goods and services, so much so that in the UK we are seeing leading names disappear from the High-Street.

Of course, this trend towards all online only happened when technology advanced to such an extent that it was madness not to go online for our needs, and now most of us carry out everyday tasks like banking, food and clothes shopping as well as sourcing our entertainment online via our smartphones.

It is pretty amazing to think that it was only just over ten years ago that the first iPhone was introduced to the general public and now there are not many of us that do not own a mobile device that can offer us so much convenience.

Not only can we do the everyday tasks via our mobile phones but increasingly we are turning toward them to watch movies and source new casino sites to play at which is something that was unheard of a few years ago.

Of course, it makes a great deal of difference that the phones are now the size and the quality that if we want to play a game in our dinner hour, we do not need a magnifying glass to see what is going on. In fact, the game developers have optimized many of the games for the mobile industry having the foresight to know that going mobile was a trend that was not going to be a flash in the pan.

Being able to play, browse, shop and keep up with our chosen social media sites when and where we choose has become the norm. If you take a look about when walking down the street just count the number of people who have a smartphone in their hand. More than likely you will find the majority of people are using their mobiles than not.

Overuse of our smartphones has been questioned by some bodies who believe that there is in effect mobile addiction and to prove a point there is even the term ‘phubbing’ or ‘phone snubbing’ which is the act of ignoring your significant other in favour for your phone.

This has proven to be a real problem and now phubbing is up there as the cause of many relationship breakdowns alongside other reasons like money issues.

Remembering to put our mobiles down or even switch them off from time to time will remind us that we are living in a world that requires real, human interaction for us to survive and prosper.