Xiaomi Releases Cheaper and Better AirPods Competitor, Among Other Xiaomi-Related Stories

AirDots Pro
Courtesy: Xiaomi

AirDots ProChinese device manufacturer Xiaomi has been doing well in the last couple of months. The OEM, which spun popular third part ROM for Android devices MIUI into a business that churns of smart handhelds every other week, has grown its business with a series of products ranging from laptops to electric bicycles.

The company has finally announced its newest product dubbed AirDots Pro that ape Apple’s AirPods (even the naming system is similar, but we have gotten over it). They are truly wireless earbuds with a trick or two up their sleeve. First and foremost is the price of $60, which is half as much as what Apple asks for AirPods. Secondly, they are super light at less than 6g each and can work with any device via a Bluetooth connection. The manufacturer reports that they feature active voice cancellation for calls, as well as music controls. They also last plenty long after a single charge (10 hours).

Xiaomi says that availability will start from January 11. That means that interested folks in Kenya can import them, or wait for third-party e-retailers to stock them as it is doubtful the official Xiaomi Kenya office will ship them locally.

Pocophone F1 Updates

The insanely popular device is yet to be restocked locally. On the bright side of things, it is already running Android 9 Pie, and an update that should activate 4K/60fps video is incoming. This will continue to push its value proposition as there are no devices that sell for less than KES 45,000 with POCO’s features.

xiaomi_pocophone_f1_screenIn case we get a review unit, we will pen our thoughts about it in a future post.

Redmi 6 Series Successor

Redmi 7Xiaomi’s Redmi devices are budget handhelds that have been doing very well. For instance, the Redmi 6 and 6A found their way into a substantial number of Kenyan pockets thanks to their price. Their supposed successor (allegedly) the Redmi (Note) 7 that should also cement the Redmi sub-brand will be announced on January 10. It is rumoured the device will pack a 48 MP primary camera, which should be interesting for a budget phone.