The Most Liked Photo On Instagram Shows People Like Weird Things

most liked photo on instagram

The Internet is a wild and wonderful place and Instagram has its share of oddities. Instagram is now a community of over a billion users and sometimes we get gems from this platform.

One of the most important metrics on Instagram is the number of likes a post gets and it usually gives a good indication of engagement on posts. Generally, people with a lot of followers get the most likes on a post or in some cases like this one, a totally random cause can get a lot of likes for a good reason.

On January 4th this year, an account by the name world_record_egg was opened on Instagram with the intention of getting the most number of likes of any Instagram post ever. This was a huge task since the previous record holder is a well known celebrity, Kylie Jenner  and her post had over 18 million likes.

18 million likes on a post is no small feat and initially when I checked out the photo back then, it had garnered over 200,000 likes. Well, the crazy people behind it have done it and it is officially the most liked photo on Instagram.

The photo has garnered close to 25 million likes as of writing this articles and over 1 million comments have been posted under it. This may seem like a huge number, but is tiny if you compare it to Instagram’s user base. To put that into perspective, this means 2.5% of Instagram’s user base has liked  the photo. However, this is 7 million more than the next most liked photo on the social network, so that counts as a big win.

It is crazy to think that this mundane photo of an egg is now the most liked photo on Instagram. People love being part of weird things on the Internet and this is one of the many examples that we have seen before.