Netflix Increases Monthly Billing in the West, Could Do So in Kenya

Netflix shuffle

A little over three years ago, American video-on-demand vendor Netflix launched its product in Kenya. The launch was necessary owing to the streaming service’s catalogue that is more comprehensive than what the competition offered, and continues to provide to date. However, interested customers continue to pay a premium for Netflix, which, if compared to the likes of Showmax that sometimes offers its TV shows and movies for KES 250 for three long months, is, simply put, expensive. In context, Netflix’s premium plan charges five times as much, which is fine for groups that appreciate its convenience and the availability of excellent shows you just can’t find anywhere else.

The price changes will be as shown in the table below:

Existing Monthly FeeRevised
Basic $7.99$9.99
Standard $9.99/$10.99$13.00
Premium with 4K and HDR $11.99/$14.00$16.00

The American VOD company says that the new prices will be reflected immediately for new subscribers. Existing Netflix users may not see the bump at the moment, but it is highly likely their next subscription will be billed as per the revisions.

Regarding the table above, Netflix charges its customers differently. For instance, Kenyan customers pay $9.99 and $11.99 for standard and premium plans, whereas those in the West such as the U.S. are billed slightly higher at $10.99 and $14.00 respectively. Also, the new prices may be different for us (Kenya) should the company decide to extend the bump to this side of the world, and that is highly likely, so be on the lookout and reach deeper into your pockets.