Samsung Note9 and S9 Are Receiving Android 9 Pie in Kenya

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera

Samsung Galaxy S9 CameraSamsung appears to have a busy January, as it even preps for an even a more engaging February whose hallmark fair will be the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

Right now, Kenyans who own the South Korean phone manufacturer’s latest high-end devices in the market – the Galaxy S9 and Note9 should be seeing a major update popping up on their screens. The update, which weighs a hefty 1.59 GB for the Note9 has been rolling out since yesterday and carries a lot of features and Android 9 Pie goodies, such as an entirely new interface dubbed One UI that replaces the old Samsung Experience, in addition to other performance enhancements that should make their owners happy. The update also carries the January 1 security patch.

The next batch of devices that should be updated to Pie include 2017’s Galaxy S8/S8+ and Note8, which have since been served by beta software in select markets across the globe.

Considering Samsung charges top dollar for its high-end devices, it sure is sluggish in terms of rolling out updates in a world where smaller players such as HMD and OnePlus updated some of their devices as early as October 2018. This is a shame that does not appear to startle Samsung anymore, probably because the majority of Samsung Galaxy S and Note users do not care about updates anyway.

The OEM will grace us with the next S device on February 20, which is also Samsung’s 10th iteration of a brand that was at one time synonymous to Android. The S10 series of phones should also mark a drastic departure for previous S phones in terms of design and features that should excite potential customers.

Note 9 Pie

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