5 Must-have Tech Accessories to Look Out for This Year

tech accessories

tech accessoriesIf you’re into getting your hands on the latest gadgets then there are definitely a few accessories you need to try out over 2019. From gaming accessories to household items, companies are taking their smart tech to the next level. Here are 5 must-have gadgets that you should be snapping up in the coming months to stay ahead of the game.

QI Charger

Wireless charging is becoming increasingly popular so don’t get left behind! Various chargers are suited to various models and some are a lot faster than others. That said, they are still a super useful accessory to have. Many have sleek designs which are significantly more attractive than traditional cable chargers. Others come with the capacity to charge multiple phones at once. One of the most useful features of many QI chargers is their quick charge capabilities which will help save those precious minutes when you’re waiting around for a battery boost.


While you probably already own a pair of headphones, there are a few pairs you should definitely think about giving a go over the course of 2019 — especially if you’re into gaming. Whether you like to play casino games or first-person shooters, a fantastic pair of the latest headphones will take your gaming experience to the next level. To become fully immersed in your favorite gaming world, why not to pick up a pair of RIG500 Pro Series from Plantronics. The high-resolution audio can help you to pinpoint action while adjusting the volume from your controller. The headphones also allow you to chat to your fellow players in comfort meaning you can enjoy your favorite gaming experience for even longer.

Ergonomic keyboard

Long gone are the days of Repetitive Strain Injury if you treat yourself to an ergonomic keyboard. They are specifically designed to reduce muscle strains and a host of other uncomfortable problems associated with using traditional keyboards. For a two-handed typer, ergonomic keyboards are generally built in a v-shape to allow the wrists and fingers to sit at a more natural angle, giving the user greater comfort and helping them to be more productive.

Go wireless

You may not be ready to give up your favorite over-ear headphones in favor of the trendy wireless earbuds just yet and with the latest blue-tooth adaptors you don’t have to. These useful accessories are small and lightweight and can transform your headphones and many other wire-requiring tech items into fashionable wireless devices.

Video doorbell

If household safety as well as convenience is a priority, then why not invest in a video doorbell. With tons of brands and designs to choose from, these incredibly useful little devices can help you communicate with whoever is at your door even if you’re thousands of miles away. High quality picture and two-way communication means you no longer have to worry about being absent from your home. Their alert systems also mean you’ll never miss that all important parcel ever again.