Marie Kondo but for Your Digital Clutter

Marie Kondo everything!!!

Marie Kondo everything

Tiding up with Marie Kondo has been a huge hit on Netflix. The author and celebrity tidying up consultant has made all of us look at our closets and judge our articles of clothes we’ve been hoarding since we got them even if they are now old or don’t even fit anymore.

“Get rid of Things that don’t spark joy”

Her mantra is for people to discard stuff that doesn’t bring joy to your life anymore. Thank them for their purpose and say goodbye.

The same method of discarding physical stuff can also be used to get rid of our digital clutter, or at least try. So here are some KonMari-inspired tools that will help you with that:

Marie Kondo for Twitter

Tokimeki Unfollow is a free Twitter tool built on Glitch that lets you go through the people you follow on Twitter and sort them out according to the inspiration they give you with their tweets. You get a brief timeline of their latest tweets and if they don’t spark joy, you unfollow them.

Cardigan is a handy tool that will help you find and delete your old awkward tweets. You can try out other tools we wrote in an earlier article we wrote that will help you rid the internet off of your embarrassing tweets.

Marie Kondo for your browsing habits

Toby is one tool that will help you sort out your browser tabs into neat visual tabs.

Clear This Page is a tool for those who like reading articles on the internet. It lets you bypass ads, popups and all the clutter websites have that ruin your reading experience. Other alternative tools include Mercury Reader and Clearly

Marie Kondo for your Desktop

Clean will automatically clean your desktop for you every day. It also groups your files into folders by month or day. Other Mac tools include CleanMyMac X and Declutter.

For Windows users, there’s CleanMyPC. This is a couple of tools in one that scans your whole system and speeds up your computer by cleaning out junk files. It also helps you uninstall apps the right way, removing the annoying apps that sit in autorun and so much more.

Marie Kondo for your Photos

Tools like Google Photos for both Android and iOS will work for you. For iOS users, you can use alternative tools like Gemini Photos, PhotoPanda or PhotoTrash which Tinder but for photos. You get to swipe up if you want to delete a photo in your iPhone. Swiping left or right to scroll through your photos.

Gather is another web app that easily and quickly consolidates your photo and video libraries that have been scattered on sites such as Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram and curates them to your Google Photos library. This saves you the time you’d have spent downloading and then uploading all these huge media files.

Marie Kondo for your emails

Sortd for Gmail

Tools like Kanban Mail and Sortd for Gmail will help you organize your email into boards and lists. Sortd is a handy app that will help you keep track of tasks within the Gmail interface as they are derived from emails. You also get to select which category they fall into.

Kanban Mail

Kanban Mail is a paid service but worth getting as it takes your confusing mess of an inbox and converts it to a clear action plan.


These are some of the tools that will help remove your digital clutter and help you bring joy in an internet era that isn’t the most joyful place. Stay tuned for more tools.


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