WhatsApp for Business Finally Lands on iOS A Year Later

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WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp for Business was launched on Android over a year ago and it seeked to make it easier for people to communicate with businesses.

Now they have finally released the same app but now for iOS users. Today, WhatsApp has announced that they have released WhatsApp for Business for iOS, which is rather late in comparison.

The app will be a free download on the App Store and includes several features.

Business Profile allows one to share useful information about one’s business like a description, email, store address and website. Messaging Tools like quick replies to provide fast answers to frequently asked questions, away messages to let customers know when to reply and greeting messages to introduce customers to the business.

Interesting enough, the WhatsApp Business app for iOS has been limited to a few markets: Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, India, Mexico, the UK and the US. However, WhatsApp says that it will be rolled out around the world in the coming weeks without giving an exact date of release.

WhatsApp revealed in January this year that more than 5 million businesses use WhatsApp Business to support their customers and grow their businesses. They announced this statistic when they announced new features at the time that would be used on WhatsApp web and desktop, which includes quick replies, labels and chat list filtering.

The introduction of WhatsApp Business for iOS would finally let those business users who use iOS make a huge sigh of relief and use the app on their phones.