Introducing TekIT n Go by Techweez

tekIT n Go

tekIT n GoTekIT n Go is a new product by Techweez that will explore visually, the tech that we consume day to day. Previously our videos have been largely focused on smartphones and little else, while we all know that technology is everywhere in our lives. With age comes wisdom, and we have grown enough to realize that there is much more ways that we can be useful.

Techweez has partnered with Martin Githinji; an actor, producer and TV presenter to delve deep into tech that matters in our day to day lives. We shall be discussing with you our readers (and watchers 😁) of new ways technology is impacting your lives wherever you are, new technologies and gadgets you should be paying attention to.

As we said, we are going beyond smartphones, so you shall see us in the streets, homes, offices, industries, arts and even out in the open. Indulge us in this new direction as we seek the meaning of life, and make you part of this new journey.

See the below intro video. And yes, now there will be more than one Martin at Techweez. You’ll have to adjust. I hope he isn’t the funnier one.


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