Podcast Firm PortableVoices Eyes Local Audio Content Creators with New Studio in Nairobi


PortableVoicesIn the last couple of years, there has been a growing interest in the latest generation of web-based services and tools such as podcasts. Podcasts, in essence, are media files that are distributed over the internet, and played on our devices such as computers and handheld smart gadgets with the intent of gaining information from a variety of subjects. For an extended period, the goal of podcasting has been the creation of audio and/or video content for an audience to listen to what they want, at any time they deem fit, whether they are in a bus or work setup, and how they want. It is more of accessing information without being linked to a given physical location, which is attractive to a lot of people.

While podcasts are not very popular, at least in the Kenyan market, several enthusiasts, including tech pundits and motivation speakers have been working towards growing this trade. PortableVoices, a Kenyan audio production and podcast startup was created to primarily popularize the enterprise. The firm has, as of today, opened its first recording studio in Nairobi. PortableVoices mainly produces African spoken word entertainment but will adjust its operation by collaborating with local podcasters to create content for the African region.

The startup says that its studio will serve as an open space for publishers, broadcasters, entertainers and business information providers to produce high-quality encrypted digital audiobooks, radio dramas and of course, podcasts.

So far, PortableVoices has released five new podcasts, including Motherhood, African Startup Roundup, and Campus Diaries, which it distributes via Soundcloud and its website. It has since introduced a Creatives Club that targets audio content creators in the country. Interested members can join the club by paying a monthly bill, and benefit from weekly recording sessions, training and voice acting, among other incentives.

‘’In addition to development of more content, distribution and marketing solutions, we will continue working with and supporting podcasters, authors and publishers in Kenya to produce, and distribute more podcasts, audiobooks and African audio entertainment,’’ says Allan Niongira, the founder of PortableVoices.


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