Memes to Get You Through This Week

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Memes. Memes. Memes. Memes. The only thing holding the internet together. Here are some of the best memes from Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, and Instagram. It’s going to be a long week and here are some memes to crack your ribs

Gay Rat Wedding Memes

Arthur, a PBS Kids show aired an episode where  Mr. Ratburn married his boyfriend that gave kids an unexpected, positive representation of same-sex marriage but Alabam, a state in America,  wasn’t on board and the headline created memes.

People caught the latter part of the headline

The crossover with Panic! at the Disco’s popular song

Just in time for Pride month costumes which happens next month

Singer Moby ‘I read a gossip piece’ memes

Moby has had a rough time this past week. Earlier last week, e posted an Instagram post posing shirtless with Natalie Portman as evidence he dated her. Natalie denied this saying he was just an old man trying to creepy with a young girl. He posted a response that didn’t bode well with people

People were disinterested

People recreated Moby’s apology to mock it using photos of older actors posing next to young girls

Celebrities joined in

Photoshopped versions even came up

Twin Peaks reference was golden

The and I oop’  memes

This is where the original reaction is from

People then started using it to react to shocking developments

Game of Thrones reactions got included

No need for the video to get the context

The reaction got to TikTok and other platforms such as Instagram

Not a lot of people are pleased with its virality

Green dress lady memes

A user on Instagram posted a video of herself dressed in a green dress early last month and people started creating memes using the dress as a green screen popular used by film makers for CGI effects.

Memes were born

Mya noted the trend

Bowling Alley strike memes

Here’s another trend from the past brought to life through memes. When you get a perfect hit at bowling, a cheesy 3D animation would play to congratulate you but people are recreating this old effect using popular internet culture references.

It got on Reddit too

Striiiiiike from dankmemes

thicc gorilla from dankmemes

Arrr no good from dankmemes

Stephen A. Smith baby filter memes

The meme was relatable


Donald Trump’s Rose Garden podium sign memes

The original

People were treated to a canvas to create memes from

TikTok isn’t for teens anymore, Moms and grandmas are jumping on this bandwagon

Michael Jackson makeup routine memes on TikTok

Here are other trending videos on TikTok

High School graduation


We can never have never of Lil Nas X Old Town Road song and this one from kids is too adorable not to share

Catch up for more memes here.


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