Intel Unveils 10th Gen Core Processors, Promise Faster Graphics and 2.5x AI Performance

intel 10th gen processors
A photo released May 28, 2019, at Computex 2019 shows the 10th Gen Intel Core processor. 10th Gen Intel desktop processors unveiled at Computex enable fast, immersive experiences with up to 4 cores and 8 threads, up to 4.1 GHz max turbo frequency and up to 1.1 GHz graphics frequency. (Source: Intel Corporation)

Today, Intel has unveiled the 10th Gen Intel Core processors at Computex in Taiwan. Every year we get to see the blue giant unveil new processors that will run in the next generation of laptops and desktops.

The new processors by Intel are the company’s first to debut their 10nm process technology with their new “Sunny Cove” architecture. Intel has delayed the release of  the 10nm process for a while and we have stuck with the 14nm process since the 5th Gen Intel Core Processors (Broadwell).

They are the first Intel processors that have high performance artificial intelligence, where Intel says it is approximately 2.5 better. Artificial intelligence hardware being built in processors is not new as we have seen this in mobile processors like the Apple A series chips, Huawei Kirin chips and Samsung’s Exynos chips.

The other major upgrade with the 10th Intel Core processors is in graphics. Intel embedded graphics engines are not known for their potency and the company wants to change that with this new generation. The new Intel Iris Plus graphics will have double the performance compared to last gen. It will also have two times the HEVC encode, allow you to watch 4K HDR content in a billion colours and play popular titles in 1080p. This is a huge generation leap and a great way forward for embedded graphics in Intel chips.

Connectivity is the other major upgrade in the 10th generation of Intel Processors. There will be integrated Wi-Fi 6 which promises greater than 1Gbps wireless speeds. There is also integrated Thunderbolt 3 support which is a huge deal since it will drive the mainstream adoption of Thunderbolt technology.

This is a significant way forward for Intel as they have been receiving heavy competition from AMD who have released great processors especially for the destkop PC market.

The new 10th Gen Processors are now shipping and they should be available towards the end of the year.


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