Examsnap Research: Top Forums and Blogs about IT Certifications


Blogs and forums about IT certifications are designed to help the candidates achieve various IT credentials and to assist the seasoned professionals and experts from various IT fields to exchange ideas.Blogs and forums are the first places you should check if you have any questions or if you want to get clarification about anything regarding the IT certificates. They are also created for sharing ideas and getting professional help.

If you are preparing for any IT certification exam, you should identify some forums and blogs where you can have discussions with other candidates who are also learning the IT topics. You will also get useful guides and important pieces of advice from the experienced professionals and experts who are already certified. Of course, Examsnap provides the IT certification candidates with verified exam preparation materials. However, it is always advisable that the students use more than a few sources to prepare for their tests. Doing this will increase their chances of passing the exams with flying colors.

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Top 6IT blogs and forums

The number of IT certifications has tremendously grown over the recent years. Besides, these credentials are very important and have become very popular among the IT students, IT professionals, and IT companies. For this reason, many bloggers have started their own websites. There are also very many forums. While this is a good thing, it has made it very difficult for the beginners to know what forums and blogs are actually beneficial. This is why we have thought it wise to list for you the best platforms that you can always find extremely helpful.Besides using the IT certification materials available at Examsnap, you can also check out the following blogs and forums:

  1. CertForums

The list of the best forums about IT certifications cannot be complete without including CertForums.com. There you will get the latest news on any IT credential. You will also find all IT companies and full lists of certificates they offer. If you don’t know what certification path is the best for your career, then this is the place to find all the answers. If you are wondering whether a particular credential expires and needs re-certification, you will get the latest information at CertForums.com.

There is also information about the price of every certification exam, where to register for and take the tests, and what happens if you don’t pass them at your first attempt. Just join the forum today and ask any question you might have. You can also make your contribution as well if you have any important information you believe is worth sharing with others.

  1. TechExams Support

Just like the name suggests, TechExams Support is one more top forum about the IT certification exams. The tests are usually the main challenge that the exam candidates can face. The exams are not easy to pass, and you need to prepare very well to get at least the passing score. TechExams Support is a community that exists to help the IT students to prepare for their tests.

  1. BleepingComputer

BleepingComputer is a free community where people interested in what’s going on in the IT certification world come together to discuss and learn just about everything concerning this field. Whether you need suggestions for Cisco exam preparation, VMware career advice, the guide to earning the current CompTIA A+ certification, and so on, BleepingComputer is here to help you. If you are preparing for any IT exam, you will find your peers who are also preparing for the same. You can discuss and exchange ideas. You will also be able to get help from the experienced professionals in a particular area, and they will give you advice accordingly.

  1. Examcollection

Examcollection.com is a well-known site for IT certifications. If you are preparing for the PMP certification exam, then you should never fail to check out what this website offers. This is among the highest ranked forums for the PMP exam preparation. You can ask any question concerning any PMP certificate and you will get the most verified and recent answers from the experienced professionals. Examcollection.com is always the best place to start whenever you have any question related to the PMI PMP certification.

  1. Examsnap

The Examsnap.com blog is among the most reputable ones regarding IT certifications. It has many useful articles about IT exam preparation. Besides, it also offers free training for a number of IT certification courses. Hence, if you want to enroll for a certification program but you don’t want to spend money, then you can always join www.examsnap.com.

  1. CloudHat

CloudHat.eu is your ultimate destination for any piece of IT certification information that you might be looking for. This blog is focused mainly on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware virtualization solutions. If you want to know more about the VMware and AWS certifications, just follow this blog.

What top forums and blogs say about exam dumps

The companies that offer the IT certification programs have always discouraged the candidates from using exam dumps. However, they have proven to be among the most useful IT exam preparation tools for any student. Actually, all top forums and blogs encourage you to use braindumps whenever you are preparing for any IT certification test.

There is no question of whether or not you should use exam dumps. The only concern is where to get the verified and the most updated braindumps. Examsnap has been around for years and it offers you the most useful exam dumps for any IT certification test you are preparing for. Actually, majority of IT professionals who have already taken and passed their examswill definitely advice you to use braindumps from Examsnap. Besides, combine them with other study materials.


Before enrolling for any IT certification, you should always make sure that you have the right information about it. Besides the official website of the company that offers the IT credential, other places to get the right information are the blogs and forums mentioned above. When it comes to practice tests and exam dumps, Examsnap is always the best place to visit.