Do You Need Visual C++ Redistributable?


Have you ever wondered why there are Visual C++ Redistributables programs on your computer? Have you ever wanted to remove them but you are not quite sure of their importance? If yes, then you are reading the right article. We will take a look at why you need a Visual C++ redistributables and why you do not need to remove them.

If you are familiar with programming languages, you will know that C++ is a programming language used in creating software. Visual C++ is basically Microsoft’s implementation of the tools authors of software use. To write a software using Microsoft Visual C++. you will need a “standard library” that is essentially a collection of pre-written software which enables programmers avoid writing sequences of code. There are a lot of versions of Visual C++ redistributables, and in its peculiar form, new versions do not require that you discard the older version. That is if you have Visual C++ redistributable 2008 and you download Visual C++ redistributable 2013, you do not have to discard the 2008 version, as both are still important.

Why You Need Visual C++ Redistributable

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable is a set of runtime library files that a lot of programs that you have installed on your computer requires to perform well, even Windows require some of them. If you remove/uninstall any Visual C++ Redistributable from your computer, you should not be surprised if some programs do not work well. If you have already uninstalled a Visual C++ Redistributable software from your computer, do not worry, you can re-install the version you deleted and everything will return to normal. You must be aware that you will see a lot of error messages when you log in.

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable contains code developed, tested and updated by Microsoft which makes it a reliable software for developers. Redistributables exist as a result of being pre-installed with Windows while some others come as part of other applications you download. They are necessary to ensure that you enjoy a proper computer experience. We can not really say how many applications require a Visual C++ to properly work, but we can assure you that each one that is resident on your Computer is important, and you should not delete them by any means.

When using Visual C++ Redistributable, you will be able to install run-time components of Standard C++ library, C Runtime library, MFC library, C++ AMP library, OpenMP library and ATL. Visual C++ Redistributable runs all all versions of Windows system.

How To Remove Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

If you think that deleting Microsoft C++ Redistributable will let you reclaim storage space, reading the reasons why you should not uninstall them above should be enough to deter you. The only way you can remove Visual C++ Redistributable from your computer is to reformat the computer and reinstall all the applications from scratch.

Another way to remove them is to start off by knowing the install date of the Visual C++ Redistributable package installed on your system through the Control Panel- then Programs- then Features and compare the information you get there with software that you may have installed at a similar time. If you find a software that you installed at a similar time and what to delete it for the sake of creating space to install another software, then you need to check if the software you are about to download does not require Visual C++ Redistributable to operate. If you follow this procedure, then you can choose to uninstall a C++ Redistributable package.

In Conclusion

If you have a lot of versions of Visual C++ redistributable on your computer and are wary of the sheer amount of multiple versions that are there, then you should know that they are serving a purpose being there. Deleting them is not an option if you want all the apps on your computer to work well; except you are ready to make enough research about the time you installed some unnecessary apps that require that you use a particular version of Visual C++ Redistributable. Then you can delete it. Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable comes with most Windows systems, while some are hooked onto software that you download. One essential factor however, is that you will need Visual C++ for all the apps on your computer to run smoothly.