Cloudflare Ditches 8Chan After El Paso Domestic Terrorist Attack



UPDATE 1: After being kicked out of Cloudflare, 8chan went with Bitmitigate who rents Voxility’s servers.

UPDATE 2: Voxility has just cut access to Epik’s services taking down Bitmitigate and companies it hosts including 8chan and Daily Stormer

UPDATE 3: 8chan is now on ZeroNet, a decentralized and open-source web-like network of peer-to-peer users

This past Saturday there was a deadly domestic terrorist attack in an El Paso Wallmart that resulted in the deaths of close to 20 people. The mass shooting was linked to a white nationalist rant on 8chan’s messaging board that got praise by 8chan users who referred to the terrorist as “our guy”. They even praised the number of casualties as a result of the mass shooting.

There have been constant calls for the site to be shut down ever since the New Zealand Christchurch Mosque Massacre and the Poway Synagogue shooting in California early this year. On Sunday, 8chan founder, Fredrick Brennan who has since distanced himself from the website, called for the site to be shut down saying it wasn’t doing the world any good.

8chan is now owned and run by former US Army veteran, Jim Watkins who allegedly resides in the Philippines.

Google kicked out 8chan out of its search results

Cloudflare was first reluctant to boot out 8chan

Early this morning, Matthew Prince, Cloudflare CEO said in a blog post that they were ditching offering their services to 8chan.

Although shutting access to Cloudflare including its DDoS services is a welcome move, critics argue that more need to be done than just shutting down these far-right extremists websites as more would pop pup.

The 8chan ban by Cloudflare begins tonight at midnight and raises an interesting discussion.

Looks like 8chan might resort to BitMitigate just like white supremacists site Daily Stormer which Cloudflare revoked their license in 2017.

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