5 Reasons To Start Playing GBA ROMs

game console
One console, so many great memories.

game consoleTechnologies may change all the time, but memories remain. Gaming is an excellent proof of that – no matter how many releases we see each year the first explored games on Game Boy Advance will always hold a particular spot in our hearts. Maybe, several years ago we could only look back at old days with nostalgia, but now, that’s not the only option anymore.

Emulation is the answer

Emulation has been a growing trend for more than a decade now and gotten to its peak several years ago. Now it’s still a popular gaming trend, and there is a lot to discover. Let’s take a closer look at what emulation has to offer and why it’s worth the trouble.

What’s emulation?

It’s the process of copying the console’s hardware and exporting it to another, more available device like Windows PC, Android or iOS smartphone. To access retro-games, you no longer need to buy a console or assemble the collection of retro-games.

Considering that old console editions and games to them are no longer running the market, emulation is the only way to keep the experience alive. Plus, acquiring fan-collected consoles and games is expensive and time-consuming, and the result may end up to be not worth the struggle.

What’s ROM?

These three letters stand for read-only-memory. The file stores the copy of the game, available for preview. The archive contains game memory and adapts it to the requirements of the specific hardware. The functionality, design, and settings remain almost unchanged, although developers can make their modifications.

Game Boy Advance, being one of the most legendary consoles ever created doesn’t lack great ROMs. Finding rarer games could be difficult, but legendary series like Pokemon or Super Mario are available almost on any gaming library.

Now that we discussed the concept of the ROM, let’s take a look at the main reasons to use game copies and answer some primary concerns. If you are still skeptical about emulation, it’s a perfect opportunity to understand what it’s all really about.

Reason #1 – No need to have a console

The first doubt about emulation is based on the fear of inauthenticity. If you are looking at the monitor and use a modern keyboard, how could you possibly get the nostalgic feeling? Taking games that were written specifically for a handheld console out of that hardware seems fishy to many gamers.

Looks almost like the original game on a handheld console

Here are our main arguments in favor of using less authentic hardware.

  • Getting an original console is an almost impossible mission. You never know whether it’s a real one or a fake. Also, the crucial data like the manufacturing date and the technical characteristics can be mixed up.
  • You will save money that would otherwise go to a random person. Some die-hard fans want their money to go to the original development company and feel that letting the original creators out of the loop isn’t fair. While this concern is at least somewhat valid from a legal perspective, it certainly shouldn’t be an ethical issue. Nintendo is no longer selling the retro-models; you have to go on eBay and look for retro hardware there. So, you’ll be paying another person, not the original rightsholder.
  • You don’t have to familiarize yourself with controls over again. Those games who acquired the console, often end up using online or downloaded emulated versions because it’s simpler. Even if you were a great GBA fan before, you most definitely lost your gaming proficiency. Getting it all over again is a time-consuming hustle.
  • Getting ROMs is much more comfortable. You don’t need to scour for collection or contact retro-gaming enthusiasts. Instead, we recommend to download GBA ROMs from Romsmania.cc – one of the most popular emulation libraries out there. If

Reason #2 – Improved controls

We already said that controlling characters from your PC is much easier than from an original piece of hardware. However, that’s not all there is to it. ROMs’ creators do their best to adapt the game to original controls and add a lot of significant improvements.

gaming controls
All simple and accessible, and what’s most important, can be customized in settings.

Here is our list of favorite additions:

  • You can stop the game, save the progress, and come back to it anytime;
  • It’s possible to take screenshots and record videos directly from the game interface. Even if your emulator doesn’t support recording, you can use another desktop tool. On the console, this would be impossible.
  • Some emulators include build-in social media connection – you can share your gaming progress and discuss games with friends.
  • Game controls are adapted to different dominant hands – something that wasn’t so common in old handheld controls (lefties won’t have to feel discriminated).

ROMs take advantage of the technical progress made in more than two decades. This comes with significant benefits – after all, the possibilities of modern software are not to be underestimated.

Reason #3  – You help to preserve history

Some good gamers like to say that emulation isn’t right. Some call it piracy while others play the ‘fake’ card. If the game has not been obtained from the collection or played on the original console, the gamer has no business talking about it.

game history
If not for emulation, a lot of great games could’ve already disappeared.

However, that’s a limited attitude towards emulation. There is also a bigger picture, and that is, emulators and ROMs are, in fact, preserving history. If Nintendo were to erase their archives with old games accidentally, a lot of nostalgic pieces would be lost forever.

If Pokemon and Mario are out of the woods, for now, this has already happened to many retro-games. A lot of great titles are forgotten, with empty Wikipedia and inactive fan clubs. Emulation is what makes games accessible, making them available not only to die-hard fans but also to the general audience.

So, someone says that emulation isn’t right; they better think twice. Emulation is what keeps the retro-gaming alive and remembered.

Reason #4 – You support fan communities

ROMs are often done by fans, absolutely for free. By supporting these enthusiastic developers, we ensure that the name of our beloved game will not be forgotten. This is, after all, a massive part of gaming joy – to be able to share your progress and discuss it with fans.

Emulating libraries gather users who are interested in retro-games the same way as you are. You can go to blogs and forums to keep your passion for retro-titles alive and share this exciting journey with others.

We think that Reddit might be the best place to keep in touch with new emulating projects. Game Boy Advance and GBA threads are our top picks for talking about the console and its games. However, you can also to on the threat, dedicated to a particular game – Pokemon has plenty of such.

Reason #5 – The closest thing we have to a time machine

Just like old music, retro games have a fantastic ability to turn back time. Until you tried emulation yourself, you can’t possibly imagine the kind of effect that returning to your favorite game has. You see the same characters, challenges, and interface, along with soundtrack and plot – and you can’t help but transfer to the past.

game emulator
This is how happiness looks like

Coming back to the same games that you loved in childhood is a great rejuvenation experience. Remembering childhood days is a great way to relax – in a way, you lift the weight of current responsibilities of your shoulder.

Even if you are skeptical about the technical characteristics or ethical issues, the idea of trying out the forgotten joy of playing an old game is worth the trouble on its own. So, don’t go dismissing emulation and ROMs before you even try it out. It’s worth it.

GBA ROMs are also pretty great

If you’ve been hesitant about trying Gameboy Advance emulation because of quality concerns, you honestly have no reason to worry. GBA has one of the best emulators out there. We are not just talking about popular releases, like Pokemon or Mario games, but the lesser-known titles as well. The fans of strategy can immerse themselves into Advance Wars while the supporters of combat titles will probably have a lot of fun coming back to Dragon Ball.

Gameboy Advance has thousands of ROMs, some of which don’t even require installation. You can play your favorite titles online. It costs nothing and takes up no time. So, whatever concerns were holding you back, it looks like they had no real basis. So, it’s time to re-open GBA – luckily, the technology has made this experience more accessible than ever before.