Kenya Firm Helps Track a Missing Child Featured in Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s AS Roma Video

Missing Child KE

Missing Child KEIt is always good when local firms go out of their way to offer services that surpass what we have come to expect of them. The Kenyan space, for instance, is filled to the brim with for-profit organizations that use technology in one or another to serve their customers. But, how often do we get a platform that addresses social issues, such as using the same technology tools to search for missing persons? Rarely.

Well, that is what Missing Child Kenya does, and had a notable breakthrough in finding a missing Kenyan boy who was featured in an announcement video of Henrikh Mkhitaryan loan move to Serie A’s side AS Roma.

AS Roma says it collaborated with the Kenyan organization to raise awareness about the lost 13-year old. Missing Child Kenya, whose page identifies it as ‘community-led portal that works with organizations and individuals in the child protection sector and the public to help share information on missing children using various media platforms and increase search efforts at no cost to the affected families’ publicizes search efforts for missing kids by sharing photo posters and alerts to as many people as possible across different online platforms.

AS Roma confirmed the boy has been reunited with his family.