DCI Warns Kenyans from Buying Electronic Devices from Shady Shops

DCI Kenya
Credits: Citizen TV

DCI KenyaElectronic devices are expensive. However, one of the best ways to owning one is hunting for a second-hand deal, which is not a smooth exercise considering the market is filled with fakes and devices that have been acquired illegally, and by illegally, we are referring to stolen TVs, smartphones, and laptops, to mention a few. To this end, DCI Kenya is warning the public not to buy such items from shops or dealers that do not have a fixed physical address such as a building, with the necessary documentation of running such businesses.

In a series of tweets, and while none of this information is outrageous (it is quite obvious for you and I to make purchases from reputable sources), the DCI is making it clear that some items purchased from unknown or unlicensed shops could be have been stolen.

“DON’T a device of a fellow murdered or maimed Kenyan. When the police forensically investigate & find you in possession of such said devices, by the time it is established that you were not involved in the crime, you may have suffered immensely. Being found with suspected stolen property, you suffer immediate consequences of the Actual Criminal, which may escalate to Death Sentences,” warns DCI Kenya.

Furthermore, DCI asks the public to make sure that business permits, licenses and national approvals are displayed on the premises of sale and that buyers must ask for a receipt. Since it is easy to lose that document, you can snap a picture of it and store it online.

“It is RISKY & DANGEROUS to buy any electronic device from suspicious outlets. Most are those who buy Stolen items from Armed Gangsters who have Violently robbed innocent Citizens & in the process Kill or Maim them,” adds DCI.

In some cases, thieves use electronic shops to hawk stolen goods. DCI is asking dealers to seize and mark all gadgets brought in as value-added. This move can discourage thieves to sell illegally acquired devices.