Type cal.new or meeting.new On a Browser to Add Google Calendar Event

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google has been refining its products with lots of exciting features: its smartphone apps have been updated with a new, modern design language, and most of them have a dark mode following the release of Android 10 that has a native dark mode feature. Google products have also been getting new features and shortcuts on the web for an exciting experience.

Today’s development will see diehard Google Calendar users manage their meetings and tasks in a more seamless and less complicated manner. This is after Google announced two top-level domains for adding calendar events: cal.new and meeting.new in the same manner keep.new open a note without typing the entire Keep address and clicking on the notes icon.

This means that you will be taken directly to a new calendar event without opening the Google Calendar site.

We hope this feature will grace other Google products such as Gmail and Contacts, to mention a few. The features will obviously cut the number of steps we take to perform a specific task, so they are always welcome.

Products such as Gmail got the auto-complete feature several months ago. The same update is under works, and we may see it soon in Gboard. Gmail is also rolling out a dark mode for select users, but a mass rollout is imminent.


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