Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dr. Abiy Ahmed featured in new mobile game “FETA”


Qene Technologies announced the launch of FETA, the third installment in its ever-expanding portfolio. The company is a software development firm founded in 2016 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In 2018 they won the Apps Africa award for ‘Best News and Entertainment Solution’ with their game Kukulu. Their vision is to create games that inspire people to imagine the world not as it is, but as it could be.

Qene strives to raise the bar for the African gaming industry. With the help of compelling stories that have yet to be told, they are working to create an inclusive, self-sustaining gaming industry in the heart of Africa. “We are very excited to finally release this game and have plans to update the categories with more global content in the coming months following the release. We just wanted to build something light for our first iOS version game.” said Hiruy Amanuel (Qene Advisor)

The other games in Qene Technologies’ recent portfolio include Kukulu and Gebeta. Kukulu is their award-winning 3D mobile game. In this game, the player takes on the role of Kukulu, a brave chicken who must evade capture and slaughter in its mad dash through the magical lands of Ethiopia. Gebeta takes the simple age-old game of Mancala variation played in Ethiopia, and transforms it into a modern, lively and addictive mobile gaming experience.

FETA is a puzzle slider that is a lighter game with just enough challenge to make it fun. The game focuses on Ethiopian culture, tradition, and food while branding the country and sharing its beauty and culture with the world. One of the categories  the game has is called VIP. The category contains photos of Ethiopian leaders over the past century. This category was branded and features Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister who recently won the Nobel Peace Prize 2019 for his role in making peace with the neighbouring country of Eritrea. Dr. Abiy is featured in “Feta” as he is a prominent leader in Ethiopia, with the next software updates including the likes of figures “Donald Trump” and other world leaders.

The gameplay of Feta is very casual. The intent is for the player to enjoy the pictures just as much as the puzzles. In addition to balancing the casual gameplay with the challenge of the puzzles, there is a distinct line of humor through parts of the game: Dawit Abraham, CEO of Qene Technologies, stated “You don’t know the picture until you solve it, so you’re always curious to find out what the next image is. We also added a little bit of humor when editing the pictures; we wanted players to find humour in the images when they finally finish the puzzle.”

FETA release date hasn’t been announced yet but will be available for download at the beginning of 2020. This game will be the first by Qene Technologies designed for both Android and iOS devices, and prospective players will soon be able to find the game in their favorite app store.

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