Netflix is Down Globally and They are Displaying Odd Error Codes

Netflix user experience

Netflix, the popular streaming service is down today for many users around the world.

If you check Down Detector, many users, particularly in Europe, are reporting issues with the service . The interesting bit is that people are getting all sorts of weird codes.

Odd error I received while trying to stream Netflix

I can also confirm that Netflix has issues in this market and I’m recieving odd error codes when I attempt to play some titles.

Apparently Netflix has acknowledged the issue and they are busy rectifying as quickly as possible.

Netflix is one service that rarely has this issue and this global issue could be a serious one. Netflix is hosted on Amazon Web Services which has an impeccable uptime, so we will have to wait and see what they’ll say was the cause of the issue.

Story is developing…


Netflix has confirmed that they have fixed the issue. So you can go back to Netflix and ahem..Chill