How to Navigate Smartly Through a Modern Online Casino


Online casinos have been around for the best part of a quarter century. So, as you would expect, there have been lots of changes in that time. In fact, most online casinos would be unrecognisable to their forbearers that cropped up in the mid-90s. That assertion doesn’t refer just to the game, but the overall experience and navigation of the site.

Indeed, casino sites can be vast, often incorporating other areas like sports betting, bingo and poker. As such, there are often things overlooked that can be beneficial, and some pitfalls. Below is our handy guide to everything you should know about playing in casinos in 2020 and beyond.

Safety First

Once you land on the sign-up page for the online casino for the first time, have a look at the bottom to ensure the casino is properly credentialed. This will mean carrying an official licence to operate, as well as other important stuff like a certificate from Thawte for website encryption and security. Have a look here: to see what we mean. Notice too that the site is HTTPS, meaning transactions are encrypted. It takes two minutes, but afterwards you can play in confidence that the site is legit.

Live and Virtual

Effectively, casino sites have now two different arms – virtual and live casino games.  There isn’t a rule to say one is better than the other. Rather, it’s a matter of personal taste and strategy. Live games – played with real dealers through a streamed format – are traditional the ‘classics’, i.e. games like roulette, blackjack and poker. Virtual games are usually slots, or classic games run on RNGs (random number generators). The virtual games usually have bigger prizes – much bigger – but it’s worth remembering that real strategy, like something akin to card counting, can be applied to the live games.

Using Bonuses

Casino bonuses are widely misunderstood.  When people think of it as free money, they’ll end up being disappointed. However, if you think of it as potentially free money, then you are on the right track. Basically, most bonuses will come with a wagering requirement, i.e. you will have to play the amount through several times before it becomes real withdrawable cash. Casinos legally have to publish the terms and conditions in relation to bonuses, so take a second to read them. After that adopt a strategy to get the maximum value. For instance, playing low variance slots can help turn the bonus over more effectively.

Finding Bonuses

Here’s the thing: Casinos have huge marketing budgets, so they are able to run some very lucrative promotions. However, people don’t always use them to the best effect. You should always check the promotions tab before you start playing any game, as specific titles will often have promos attached to them. Moreover, there are often promotions like prize draws with some incredible prices, which are often free to enter. You should always ensure that you check the opt in for these things. In addition, check the casino’s social media page to see if there are promo codes and offers like free spins.

The Social Side

Followers of the iGaming industry have seen there is a marked change in the concept of online casinos, which seems to be moving from a solitary activity to a social one. In short, there is an opportunity to play with friends, or make new ones. Indeed, the live dealer games are starting to become more ‘social’, with people logging in and chatting or watching the action. The point is that you don’t need to be spending a fortune to enjoy the social side. More and more of our social lives are playing out online, casinos are no different.