The Technologies Powering the Online Slots of Today

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Whenever a person plays online casino games, the technologies powering them would be the last thing on their mind. However, technology constitutes an important part of the evolving gambling industry, especially how it has made online slots more exciting and extremely popular throughout the world.

While playing online slot games, especially at the most reputed casinos of Canada and other parts of the world, players can be seen wondering how they work and deliver such a fair level of randomness. The first slot machine came into being during the 1890s and continues to be the foundation for today’s slot titles. In fact, those attractive 7 reels and 243 pay lines slot games that we play these days, with unbelievable graphics, still hold some elements of that first machine. Below we will take you over some of the prominent technologies that are powering the online slots of today.

Graphics and animations

Graphics are the first thing that hit you whenever you launch an online slot game. You can instantly figure if they are fun, cartoonish, dazzling, crisp or simply boring. The modern day slot games are created using digital animation and art tools. Experienced graphic designers create videos, features and model images we see on the screens. The experience can come even more alive if you’re playing these games on top-of-the-line gaming machines. Today, the online slot developers are able to create some highly attractive slot games using unique software applications and a wide range of programming languages such as Twine, Unity, HTML etc.


With the graphics and animations ready, it is the job of the programmer to put everything together into an attractive slot game. A Random Number Generator (RNG) constitutes the most important part while programming any online slot title. It’s a software which ensures fairness of the slot game and generates random numbers with each spin. While at one point of time it used to be very difficult to win at online slots, today there are progressive slots where you can win life changing sums. The most commonly used programming languages for online slots development are HTML, CSS and Java. HTML 5 in particular is becoming extremely popular for such development as it allows people to play their favourite games without the need of installing any add-ons. The slot games created using HTML 5 also get loaded fairly easily and quickly.

Multi-player functionality

This functionality has become a must for all popular online slots as it brings the social aspect to online gambling. Nowadays you can have your buddies playing against you at your favourite online slot games. There are even virtual rooms where up to 5-6 players can play together and take turns at spinning the reels.


When it comes to online slots, the security aspect involves multiple things – safety of the personal data stored online, randomness of the spins and overall fair play. As explained earlier, RNG takes care of the fairness aspect. The safety of the data is ensured using 128-bit SSL technology which keeps hackers at bay. Furthermore, online casino platforms are equipped with the highest security systems and safest payment processors to ensure complete safety of the players’ critical data.