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Artists and Interior Designers believe that color can significantly affect feelings, moods, and emotions. The famous artist, Pablo Picasso once said, “Colors follow the changes of the emotions”. Color is an effective communication tool that can be used to influence mood, signal action, influence physiological reactions, and even control physiological reactions.

The right selection of colors can make anything look gorgeous and add positivity to the overall appearance. When you use an excellent combination of colors to design your websites, content pages, and various applications, you attract more audience. For example, you can create an app from google sheet but if you are short of suitable color options, you can create your own color combination by referring to the color wheel. Although the color is not a sortable class for google sheets, but you can make your data look impressive before you export it to external data sources.

Introduction to Color Wheel

Color Wheel is one of the most essential tools that define the relationship between various colors, shades, and hues. It is the only way to compare and understand various colors or shades falling in different categories viz. Primary, Secondary or Tertiary colors. It identifies the way all the colors differ from each other and can be classified as either analogous or complementary.

A color wheel is useful mainly for graphic designers, but its use is not limited, just to them. It is a simple circle that has multiple colors arranged in a particular logic. It works like a system that identifies the connection between different colors and, their combinations.

There are two kinds of color wheels – RYB and RGB. The RYB color wheel has red, yellow, blue colors and is useful for artists, as it has good options for combining colors while painting. RGB, the other color wheel has red, green and blue colors. RGB color wheel refers to mixing light on devices like computers or TV screens, making it a great tool for the digitally inclined artists and designers alike.

Types of Colors on Color Wheel – Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary

The color wheel has 12 main colors that can be divided into three categories – primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

  • Primary Colors– Red, Green and Blue are the primary colors on RGB wheel, that combine with each other and create pure white light. On the other hand, red, yellow and blue are the primary colors on the RYB color wheel.
  • Secondary Colors– Secondary colors can be created by mixing two primary colors. In the RGB color wheel, secondary colors are magenta, yellow and cyan. And, in the RYB color wheel, secondary colors are purple, orange, and green.
  • Tertiary colors– Designers can create tertiary colors by mixing a primary color with a secondary color. Six tertiary colors in the RGB color wheel are orange, spring green, chartreuse green, violet, azure, and rose. In the RYB color wheel, the tertiary colors are yellow-orange, yellow-green red-orange, blue-violet, blue-green, and red-violet.

After learning about the color wheel and its types, let us find out how Appy Pie’s color wheel tool works for us.

What is Appy Pie’s Color Wheel?

Appy Pie’s Color Wheel helps graphic designers and artists create perfect color combinations for their designing tasks like creating banners, magazine covers, posters, cards and more. Designers can create their desired color palette using Appy Pie’s Color Wheel. The tool offers a wide range of color combinations that help them create a perfect color palette that is attractive and in sync with the brand image.

When using Appy Pie’s Color Wheel, designers do not need to choose each color separately in the color palette manually. A color wheel can help designers create a cohesive color palette that has never been created or seen on the online spectrum, while ensuring that it looks attractive.

Appy Pie’s Color Wheel tool is easy to use and users who have no knowledge of color wheel or basic design principles can also create beautiful color palettes for their graphics and websites. This expands the use of the platform beyond professionals and proving to be a useful tool for amateurs as well.

Color Schemes in Appy Pie’s Color Wheel

Combining colors can produce two effects — chaos or harmony. When we mix colors, we want them to work with each other and create an appearance that is pleasant to look at. If there is no thought put in creating the color combination, the end result will most likely be bland or boring. Mixing too many colors in a non-harmonious way could result in a disorganized and chaotic appearance.

This the primary reason why it is necessary to know how to combine the colors in the right way. Let us learn a little more about the most organized (and popularly applied) color schemes – complementary colors, triadic colors, and analogous colors.

Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are those that are placed opposite to each other on the color wheel. Using these colors gives a bright and positive feel. The combination of these colors creates the most dramatic effect due to the extreme contrast.

Triadic Colors

Triadic colors comprise of three colors equidistant to each other on the color wheel. The triadic color scheme is hardly used since creating good combinations using three opposing colors is not an easy task. Triadic colors also create bright and contrasting color schemes, just like complementary colors. Triadic colors are hard to balance and often create a bold color scheme, but it is easy to go really wrong here.

Analogous Colors

Analogous Colors are the ones that are placed adjacent to each other, on the color wheel. These colors create a milder contrast and give a consistent look to the chosen palette. The analogous color scheme provides a rich and monochromatic look giving the design an elegant and soothing appeal.

Why use Appy pie’s Color Wheel

Appy Pie’s Color Wheel helps users create beautiful color combinations using different color palettes. The color wheel provides different iteration for colors. It helps users add tints, tones, and shades to their existing colors and create balanced palettes. Appy Pie’s Color Wheel lets the designers adjust luminance and saturation of colors.

Appy Pie’s Color Wheel is an innovative and intuitive tool for professional designers and amateurs. The unique auto-filling palette and its ease of use make it convenient for both, novice and experienced designers to create an outstanding color combination using the perfect color palette for any design need.

Come up with the best color combination ideas by using Appy pie’s new graphic design software Appy Pie’s Design Studio. Appy Pie provides a basic understanding of a color wheel and how to use it with the unique color wheel tool and helps you get started on your design journey. Try it now and see what colors look best on your website, poster, or the latest artistic project you have taken up.

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