Airtel New Amazing Data Bundles Offer Almost Double Data for The Same Price

Airtel amazing data bundles
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The Internet is part of our lives now and thankfully you can get data bundle prices at any price point. Competition has made it possible to have affordable data bundle prices with competent data balances and it is getting better.

Recently, Airtel decided to revamp their Amazing Data Bundles. These are data bundles that offer data plus free WhatsApp and have a validity of either daily, weekly or monthly.

This is the second revamp of the Amazing Data Bundles and they have been offering more data in every revamp. In the new revamp, they are now offering as much as 100% more data for the same price, which is great news for Airtel consumers.

New Amazing Data Bundles vs Old Amazing Data Bundles

Price (KES)Old Bundle New Bundle Δ change in % ValidityExtra
1040MB 70MB 75% daily
20100MB 200MB 100% dailyWhatsApp
50400MB 500MB 25% weeklyWhatsApp
50200MB 350MB 75% weeklyWhatsApp
100500MB 750MB 50% weeklyWhatsApp
2502GB 2.5 GB 25% weeklyWhatsApp
3001.5GB 3GB 100% monthlyWhatsApp
5004GB 5GB 25% monthlyWhatsApp
100010GB 12GB 20% monthlyWhatsApp
150015GB 20GB 33% monthlyWhatsApp
200025GB 30GB 20% monthlyWhatsApp
300040GB 50GB 25% monthlyWhatsApp

The biggest changes are with the KES 20 daily bundle and the KES 300 monthly bundle that offer 100% more data for the same price. The rest have between 20% to 75% increase in data for the same price.

The free WhatsApp bundle paired with these bundles is still unchanged where it is capped at 50MB per day. Customers still have the option of purchasing them as a one time bundle or they renew automatically.

How do they compare with the BeSure out of bundle rates

The out of bundle prices have been slashed form 4.3KES/MB to just 20 cents/MB or 1 bob for every 5MB used. One has to dial *544*2# to get this rate.

Money spent earlierMoney spent Now
5MB @ 4.3 KES/MB = 21.5 KES5MB = KES 1
50MB @4.3KES/MB = 215 KES50 MB = KES 10
500 MB @4.3KES/MB= 2150 KES500 MB = KES 100

Airtel currently has the cheapest out of data bundle rates so as an Airtel customer, you will not panic as much as customers from other networks.

The competition

Airtel currently matches or bests the competition when it comes to data bundles that expire.

For example, for KES 20, Safaricom offers 50MB while Telkom offers 200MB. Airtel in comparison offers 200MB. When you consider the KES 2000 monthly offers, Safaricom gives you 15GB, Telkom gives you 30GB while Airtel gives you 30GB of data.

They are clearly giving more for their users and they have the opportunity to lure in more users while keeping the rest of their customers happy.

If their data bundles end up expiring, Airtel customers have the advantage of having the lowest out of bundle rates which is unlike the competition where they charge KES 4 per MB.

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