Optimising The Office – Why Managers Need An Agile Approach to Shift Scheduling

shift scheduling

If you manage a business, however small or large, shift scheduling is one of those nitty-gritty jobs that just has to be done. Shift scheduling is also a task that can take a lot of time to complete if the correct tools are not used. This is why so many businesses around the world have chosen to switch to shift scheduling software in a bid to increase scheduling efficiency. In today’s article, we have a look at why managers need an agile approach to shift scheduling, so read on to find out more!

  1. Reduce Manual Labour Hours

If you are a manager, you will know just how much time it takes to sort through various schedules, swap shifts and ensure that you are never understaffed. This can result in hours toiled over paperwork if you are doing the job manually. This is why those looking to save time would benefit so much from utilising shift scheduling software from Deputy. Instead of slaving over scheduling, the utilisation of automated scheduling systems enables managers to spend their working hours on more revenue-generating tasks. This, in turn, increases efficiency and can help a business grow at a faster rate in the long run.

  1. Ensure That Shifts Are Covered Last Minute

It’s every manager’s nightmare – someone doesn’t turn up for their shift and there is no one available to replace them. You can say goodbye to business productivity when staff don’t show up for their shifts. This is why it is imperative that managers take an agile approach to shift scheduling. One of the best ways to do this is to utilise software that can allow you to easily notify your other team members when there is a vacant shift that needs to be filled. Your team will be notified on their smartphones almost instantly, thus increasing the chances of you finding a replacement for an empty shift and kicking understaffing in the butt.

  1. Oversee Overtime

One of the things that managers are in charge of is overseeing overtime. How does a manager know if someone is clocking in too many hours? Without the utilisation of software, managers have to go through pages and pages of paperwork to identify individuals who may be overworking. Too many overtime hours clocked in can also result in exorbitant payouts which not all businesses can afford. With the aid of software, managers are able to keep track of overtime in the most efficient way possible. With a simple glance, managers are able to identify staff members who may need to cut back on hours. Aside from helping balance a business’ finances, reducing overtime for certain individuals is a step that managers need to take to ensure the overall health and happiness of their staff.

  1. An Efficient and Open Communication Channel

Scheduling software is one of the best tools that a business can utilise to keep communication channels between staff and management as open and efficient as possible. What better way to let your team know that you need to take a sick day than to quickly communicate this to everyone on your mobile phone or desktop app? Instead of having to make multiple phone calls or text messages to the team, employees can easily communicate their potential absenteeism to management instantly, thus allowing managers to find a replacement as soon as possible.

  1. Real-Time Analytics

Have you heard of the saying “what doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get managed”? This is truly a rule all managers should live by when handling scheduling. Thanks to software, reports can be generated on staffing requirements, busiest business hours and future staffing requirements. This is data that would take hours to come up with manually, which is why the agile approach of using software to provide these analytics and reports is so essential in allowing managers to make more data-driven choices for their team.

We hope that this article has given you some valuable insight into exactly why managers need an agile approach to shift scheduling in the workplace.

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