Key Moments in Evolution of Sports Tech

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The sports industry transformed over the years. Technological innovations have increased accuracy and fairness in the industry. They offer an enjoyable experience to spectators and athletes. Betway88 covers a variety of sports events. Different sports have adopted new technology trends in the recent post. In this post, we discuss the evolution of sports technology.

Radar Technology

IBM developed radar technology in 1991. It increased serving speed in tennis. The tech firm introduced the technology at Wimbledon. It set up two sensors at the baseline of individual courts to determine the speed of the ball whenever a player took a hit. Now, other sports events like Major League Baseball (MLB) and the NFL use radar technology. It helps MLB measure the intensity of a throw and the bat speed.

Instant Video Replay

Instant replay is common in the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL. It has improved accuracy in these sports. But, some sports fans criticize the technology. They want sports organizations to stop using it and use traditional playstyles. Instant replay gives referees and umpires total control of each game. Also, it provides close plays to spectators whenever a player makes a mistake or a foul. Media agencies started broadcasting the most popular sports events in the 20th century.

Seiko Electronic Automated Timing System

Photofinishing was first used in horse racing in the 1800s. It introduced new technologies to the sports industry. Individual and physical athletics started using timing systems in the 1920s.

Seiko Electronic System was first introduced in track and field events in 1960. It later evolved after two decades when sports firms started manufacturing frequency chips. They implanted them into athletes to track their finishing time. Seiko Timing System captures more than 3,000 images per second to improve accuracy in track events. You can download the Betway88 app to wager on field and track competitions.

Virtual Imaging

Virtual imaging is one of the best sports technologies. Yet, many people have never heard about it before. The technology isn’t popular in American sports. Other countries implement virtual imaging in a wide variety of sports events. For example, the technology measures video components and statistics in tennis and swimming.

The sports technology creates a line on the water surface to show swimmers’ lanes, virtual flags, and current world records. Television NBA ranges, the NFL and Major League Baseball use virtual imaging to make digital advertisements.

Wick Performance Apparel

Athletes started using fat and light performance wear to increase their performance and comfort. They wear performance shirts and grip on shoes. Athletic apparel started measuring the monitors, statistics distribution. Heart rate, posture, breathing rate and speed in 2000. Coaches and team managers use wick performance apparel to assess athletes. The apparel wicks sweat and water from athletes. They prevent sportswear from absorbing water. The MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL use Adidas, Under Armour and Nike sportswear that use the wick performance apparel technology.

Technological advancements have brought many changes in the sports industry. Some technologies are limited to particular sports while others are applied in different sports. Instant replay, radar technology, virtual imaging, and weak performance apparel are some of the latest sports technologies. Betway88 uses sophisticated software to update games and settle bets.