Netflix Adds Option to Remove Those Annoying Autoplaying Previews

netflix autoplaying previews

This has probably happened to some of you. You login to Netflix and all of a sudden previews of movies and TV shows start autoplaying. They drive you nuts and you eventually click on what you want to watch only to be hit with the du dumm Netflix sound.

Apparently so many people complained about that autoplaying feature to the point where Netflix has taken action on them.

“We’ve heard the feedback loud and clear — members can now control whether they see autoplay previews on Netflix,” the company said on a post on Twitter.

This is more than welcome since those autoplaying previews on Netflix can be an annoyance, especially if you were just casually hovering looking for something to watch.

Turning autoplay off is quite easy. Sign in to your Netflix, select Managing Profiles from the menu and select the profile you want to update. Uncheck the Autoplay previews while browsin on all devices and click save to finish.

turning off autoplay previews on netflix

Netflix cautions that there might be a delay before the setting takes effect. They advise you can force an update by switching to another profile then switching back in order to reload your profile with the updated setting.

This seemingly tiny but important setting will make the Netflix experience so much better for most users. Autoplaying videos can be annoying and it is worse if it is ads. Personally, I switch off autoplay on other video platforms like YouTube. On Netflix, autoplay works well if you are watching TV episodes so in my case, that is staying on.