Best New Sports Technologies to be Awarded


The Sports Technology Awards are now fully recognized as a mark of excellence as they celebrate innovations brought about by technology in global sport. The awards were founded in 2014 to honor the influence of technology in the sports sector, with the next event slated for June 25, 2020. This year’s entries will be drawn from 5 continents, 30 countries, and up to 50 sports.

Several categories will be up for grabs, and here we feature some of the most outstanding innovation categories that will be honored.


In the most innovative sports app, the one that is markedly justified in improving end-user experience will be recognized. At a time when technology is fast improving, there are so many app developers out there coming up with helpful innovations. Apps like the Betway app keep improving, as for example, they let users bet on EPL games at Betway with ease.

Digital Technology

Digital technology in sports is a broad spectrum that focuses on systems, spanning electronic tools, resources generating, storing, or process data, including social media, broadcast, multimedia, online games, and mobile devices among others, for the purposes of improving end-user experience. In addition, the technology must be one that informs or educates the target market, or even better, informs organizational growth.

Education Institution

The education facility which proves itself through a module /pathway or a whole course that it can deliver an outstanding training input in sports technology is also in line for recognition. Much of the innovations are products of full-time investment of some of these institutions, and celebrating them encourages them to do even more.

Elite Sports Facility

The idea is to celebrate the venue, or facility (temporary or permanent) that demonstrates innovativeness in the manner it approaches coaching, clinical activity, performance, rehabilitation or housing of elite sports.

Extreme Sports Technology

Technological innovation in extreme sports spanning equipment, wearables, apparel, image capture through drones and POV cameras, and training hardware is also a point of celebration.


Identifying the best technological sports innovation developed within the last 18 months is not easy, given the amount of investment ploughed towards innovation. The ultimate best innovation from the variety on show wins it. It could be drawn from apps category or any other category, provided it is remarkably significant in sports.

Sports Betting

The sports betting category celebrates technology adopted by sports betting firms like Betway, for the purposes of enhancing user experience as well as enabling the firm to achieve growth through growth. The main focus is on efficiency, speed, innovativeness, and cost-effectiveness.

Sports Commerce

Technology servicing performance in any given organization related to sports is also celebrated in the Best Technology for Sports Commerce.

Sustainable Innovation in Sports

This category is about celebrating sports products or services that have been created through sustainable innovation or solutions serving sustainability within projects executed by sports organizations.

Other categories

  • Use of eSports by Sports Brands
  • Agency
  • Women’s Sport Performance
  • Rights Holder / Governing Body
  • Participation
  • Sports Partnership
  • Injury Prevention
  • Fan engagement
  • Elite Performance
  • Sports Equipment and Wearable
  • Sports Broadcast
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