Tech gifts to reward your employees for good work


The most common reward given to employees is when they retire. While this is undeniably a significant milestone in life, recognizing the positive performance of employees, whether on the completion of a project, KPIs met or celebrating an employee’s anniversary with the company is also important. Rewards create a positive work ethic and dedication to the business, raising employee satisfaction and staff retention. Here we look at some of the tech gifts you can use in an employee reward scheme to help maintain a more motivated, knowledgeable and longer-serving workforce.


Every year that someone stays in your company should be acknowledged, even if just with a letter of thanks from a senior manager. What is most important is to mark the last milestone at work, an employee’s retirement. Gifts could include noise-cancelling headphones so they can listen to music in peace wherever they are or take a traditional retirement gift of a clock and make it tech with a sleek smartwatch offering customisable screens with insights into fitness and health.

Alternative and traditional gifts

As part of your employee recognition scheme, be sure to add rewards that are not tech, particularly when looking for good retirement gifts. It may be that your employee would appreciate a gift they can display at home as recognition of all they have achieved in the world of work since those retiring now would have started their careers before tech as we know it today had become commonplace.

Reaching target

Keep your best employees and gain the benefit of their experience by rewarding their good work throughout the year. Recognising employees as individuals mean offering them a choice of reward, rather than a random item chosen for all workers. Get this right, and a reward can serve as motivation for the employees next big move. You can tailor your rewards to be monthly, quarterly or annual. Rewards could be a Tile that will help you find anything you attach them to or a stylish tech bag with enough pockets for small gadgets, charging cables, memory cards and other accessories.

Sales milestones

Reward the crushing of a sales goal or securing a big client. These could include wireless earbuds that are sleek, durable and comfortable and which can be packed with smart features.  You may want to include tech that helps your employee’s health. A sleep and wake-up light has been clinically proven to improve sleep and help users feel more refreshed when they wake up, ready to hit the next milestone.

Financial milestones

With the growth in revenue or net profit margin as well as inventory turnover, you may want to reward your employees with a company-wide celebration to boost morale and refresh everyone after what may have been a tough journey. You can celebrate by hosting a staff lunch or gifting power banks that can recharge everything from mobile phones to headphones and speakers.

Customer milestones

Your company may have to work hard to retain customers and grow the percentage of market share you have. If customer support resolution times fall, this should also be rewarded. Find out what your employee’s interests are and find a compatible reward, so if you know that your employee is a keen gamer, consider rewarding them with a new headset.

Marketing milestones

An increase in monthly website traffic, the number of qualified leads or the conversion rate for call-to-action content should all be noted. This could relate to the top 10 search engine results or the number of blog articles or eBooks published in a month. Rewards can include laptop accessories such as a practical laptop lock to a fun decal that creates a unique look. Have laptop accessories to choose from, including fans, lights, stands and more.

Peer-to-peer recognition

Peer-to-peer recognition is just as valuable as formal praise from senior staff concerning the above milestones. It could be that the tenacity, humility or doggedness to achieve by one member of the team that motivates others to succeed as well.  These soft skills can often be overlooked but should not be. Receiving encouragement from others is a great form of motivation and empowerment, even if it does make them blush

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