The High-Tech Scrabble Board You Didn’t Know Exists

High tech scrabble

In the world of crazy gaming, you will be surprised to know that a high-tech scrabble board can cost over $30,000. Well, do not be dismayed by the price. The board was launched eight years ago at the Prague Mind Sports Festival. The technology is now old enough to be called revolutionary, but has a big impression on the path that gaming is taking in modern times. Scrabble is plainly a game of building words on a board using lettered times is now available in different formats. Giant scrabble makers Mattel and Hasbro are incorporating technology and online gaming capabilities on the boards to make them ready for the age of technology.

Scrabble is an iconic board game that many gamers know and have historical attachments to it. It is also a hands-on game that gamers also use as a collectible. However, the price here is not a factor of nostalgia or luxury. This hi-tech scrabble board available to players during the Prague festival in 2012 was groundbreaking. It was a statement of intent that scrabble and other game boards were ready to move on with technology. Unlike other boards that do not allow immediate point calculations and tally, this board does precisely that and more. Armed with thousands of RFID sensors, it can detect when the position of the tile and the letters within the tile. It can determine the accuracy of the word and the final score for every play.

To make it even more revolutionary, the board tallies the scores and submits them via online channels onto screens. It is the classic mixture of vintage and new interactive gaming exercise. Back in the days when the manufacturers of the board made it, RFID technology was relatively novel. Configuring hundreds of LED lenses and sensors per tile was new in the industry. This hi-tech scrabble board ensures that the overall time is taken to detect and make decisions small. The sensors further scan the scrabble board every 974 milliseconds. Its RFID tags ensure that the board is super accurate, too. This enables real-time playing and score tally. A gamer can freely make choices on the board and notify the board once they have completed play or time runs out on the player. Whichever way, the board operates a digital environment that most gamers have come to appreciate.

Further, it gives card games a certain level of life that only video games and other immersive technologies are capable of delivering to all gamers. However, at the current price, it is hard to see mass absorption for the device at a time when scrabble is available in smartphones and other gaming consoles. Its 225 sensors per tile will also make it a long short of bringing into the mainstream market. However, the scrabble board is available out there, and you can have a go at it.

The technology gadgets make it possible for the players to take advantage of the new words added to the official scrabble board dictionary as it can be updated. Lately, scrabble allowed thousands of new words, including social media-fueled terms such as FOMO and tweep. Platforms have been made to make this easy for the users– as such, instead of checking the words manually from allows you to review these words and catch all those friends who love to cheat. It is also a great resource where you can study more words to get an edge over other players.

Consistent practice in scrabble games can make someone extremely good at the sport. Words used in the past will unmistakably be used in the future. The more terms you gather into your gaming arsenal, the more words you will be able to use in your gaming. The hi-tech gaming boards connected to the internet can help you grow your vocabulary. This board ensures that all the inappropriate words do not score, ensuring fairness and learning at the same time. The trial and error approach used by most mind game enthusiasts using smart devices is improving the player’s vocabulary and approach to gaming.

The next generation or simply the new generation scrabble board hopes to bring together technology into the world of offline gaming. Multiple players and computerized players can compete in a board game thanks to the RFID technology. The possibilities are endless when it comes to tech-induced innovation behavior. Now you know that this crazy gadget exists out there. It is a reality for gamers, and it has even been part of a major tournament—the Mind Sports International. Its cost is quite high for an average player to own. At the moment, there is no information about its potential mass production, which makes it even more in-demand for enthusiastic board collectors.