Kenyan Ed Tech Startup Offers to Train Teachers on Remote Learning Due to Coronavirus

code mashinani teachers coronavirus outbreak

Yesterday, the President announced that all schools in Kenya will be closed by Friday due to the coronavirus outbreak.

This meant that learning will be suspended countrywide and students will have to go back home.

Remote learning is relatively new in Kenya and this education tech startup wants to change all that.

Code Mashinani is planning to offer instructional media consultancy, training and infrastructure to interested schools during the school shutdown.

“As schools shutdown, learning has to continue, and it is wise for schools to start thinking about how they’ll start their second term online,” the company said

Instructional media involves teaching teachers on how to create courses online and run live classes. This is where teachers learn how different teaching online is from physical teaching and how to manage group classes. Code Mashinani will be doing this in partnership with Excellent Students Limited.

This is a pretty neat concept to implement during the countrywide school shutdown. The current school system is physically based where students and teachers interact in physical classrooms where they learn and do their assignments.

Online learning is a different ballgame that will include infrastructures like devices that will connect to the internet, data plans and teachers that are trained to interact with their students online.

The company also says that interested students can sign up here for emerging technologies and innovation live online classes and learn at home with a teacher remotely.