The Effect Of The Global Pandemic On Dropshipping Business


Focus on learning, as opposed to executing

This is for the newbies, if you’re thinking about launching a store right now and you’re wondering what to do – the very best thing you can do right now is to learn how to dropship from aliexpress. With the current situation it’s understandable if you feel demotivated, however what you have on your hands now  is time and you can use that time to  learn skills that you really need to  grow and scale a business later.

On the  subject of learning, six-figure dropshipper Chris Wayne had this to say:

“Take  this time to learn as much as you can  about dropshipping, paid advertising and also best practices around store design and branding, because once all this passes you’ll be in a great position to hit the ground running.”

Yesterday, we received a great email from one of our clients, who has this phenomenal attitude and he  was asking how he can use this time to  explore opportunities that he maybe  hasn’t considered before for his  business. That leads me to the next thing  that you can do to grow your business in  this time:

Grow social media channels

Work on your organic social media channels, I’m talking Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook  groups,  tik-tok, whatever it is: These channels need a lot of time to nurture and grow  properly. But the exciting thing is that if you’d put in that work, which you can do for free – you’ll have a large customer  base to advertise to without spending a dime later on.

So if you haven’t already – take this time to establish and nurture social media channels for your business. If you’re very new, you can still  take advantage of this tactic. What you  can do is use social media to validate  your business ideas.

Dropshippers Cory  and Rodney did this, when they were asked by their clients: “is dropshipping dead in 2020?” – they created  different Instagram accounts to see  which Instagram accounts in different  niches got the most engagement. This  was a time-consuming process, but it  costs them nothing but time. So, if you’re  in the situation where you have the time  at home and you want to put in the work  to build a solid business later, consider this strategy.

Start email marketing

Another marketing strategy that we really urge you to explore is to  set up email marketing campaigns. There’s tons of flows that you can  automate that will nurture someone from  a customer who just came to your site to  browse to a repeat buyer.

Dropshippers overlook email marketing tactics, because it doesn’t have that kind of  instantaneous data feedback loop that Facebook Ads have. However, email marketing is free and it’s so powerful.

Write blog posts and SEO-optimize your site

Another overlooked marketing tactic that you can  do when you have time, but you aren’t able to fulfil orders is to write blog  posts and SEO-optimize your site search. Engine optimization can bring a ton of  traffic to your store, but a lot of dropshippers overlook this tactic. If you have the time – do the research now about  how you can SEO-optimize your store and once you’ve made little tweaks get into blogging. Use blog content as a way to draw new visitors to your store for free.

Budget for your business

Finally our last tip is right now, if you can’t start spending money on ads – start  saving money for ads. Maybe you already have some money and you can budget it  away or maybe you would like to make a  few more dollars on the side  before you start launching your business. Remember that you can go on to sites  like upwork and Fiverr and find  creative ways to sell your services to  make a few extra dollars, even during  this time.

You can help transcribe videos  into text, you can translate, you can do  some graphic design just look for skills  that you can use while you’re at home to  make a few extra dollars, so you have a  pool of money that you’re comfortable  starting with when you’re ready to  launch your business later.

All right now  we’ve talked about what you can do on  your business, I’d love to end with talking about the future. The dropshipping community is incredible, I read the emails and comments left to us all the time and it’s so cool when I see people supporting one  another, even through times like this.

So please, continue to do that. You have no idea when you post about how  you’re keeping your attitude up, how that  affects other dropshippers who are  feeling down. Share what you’re doing  share how you’re feeling, we’re here for  you all of us at SaleSource, as well as the  community that reads our articles.

We’re going to try to get more and more  insight especially from pro dropshippers  about how to handle this situation, we’re  going to post those insights on Instagram, because these tend to be little short bits of information that are super  helpful but don’t really fit into a  large blog post.

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