Kenya Association of Manufacturers Launches Online Directory to Prevent Disruptions Due to Coronavirus

This is aimed to forestall disruptions in the market.

Kenya association of manufacturers

Kenya association of manufacturers

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the legacy way of doing business and one of them is in-person shopping. We are used to shopping on brick and mortar shops but the COVID-19 pandemic has forced institutions to take online shopping seriously.

According to Business Daily, the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) has launched an online directory for locally manufactured goods to help Kenyans shop online.

“We are forestalling disruptions in the market and the information provided is for readily available products and services in the manufacturing sector,” KAM’s CEO Phyllis Wakiaga said.

Individuals or retail buyers can use the contacts provided by manufacturers to pay via cashless platforms for orders which will be delivered to homes or to the shops.

“This is an initiative by the manufacturing sector to make sure that consumers are aware of the products available during this difficult time. It consolidates all the members under the association and their products. It contains robust information for customers, investors, partners, and the media,” Ms. Wakiaga said.

KAM also said that this directory will be updated regularly as more manufacturers provide information on how customers within Kenya and across East Africa can buy various items.

If you check out KAM’s online directory, you will notice that the various manufacturers have been organized into their various categories. There is useful information about each manufacturer which includes their website (if applicable), type of business they are in, their location, email, and their telephone numbers.

This move is meant to disrupt that trend we have seen where sellers are taking advantage of the situation and hiking prices of various products. This move gives manufacturers direct access to customers too who can order from them at lower prices.