How to fax to an email address

fax document

fax document

The ability to fax to an email address allows you to send faxes into an email address. The faxes appear as attachments in your email address. This is possible through the use of online fax service.

Among the most reliable online fax services is CocoFax. Online fax service bridges the gap between a traditional fax machine and digital technology. To receive a fax in your email address, you only need to provide your fax number.

Read on to find out how to receive faxes in your email address. In this guide, we will show you the steps involved and what you get from a reliable online fax service.

CocoFax – The best fax to email service

As an online fax service, CocoFax provides an ideal method of sending a fax to an email address.


With CocoFax, you get a free email to fax service after signing up for the service. The free trial period lasts for 30 days. Besides, you get a custom fax number free of charge.

CocoFax faxing service has attracted the attention of multiple media outlets among them the New York Times. The service not only supports faxing to an email but also to the traditional fax machines.

CocoFax – The most trusted online fax service

With CocoFax, your device is converted into premium fax. It makes faxing from almost any internet-enabled device. Besides sending fax to an email address, CocoFax can send to traditional fax machines.

Also, this online fax service offers much more features and capabilities. Below are some of them:

Safe and fast

CocoFax combines the security of a traditional fax machine with the swiftness of modern technology. Today, you can fax instantly to an email address via the internet. Best of all, the security of the fax is guaranteed while in transmission.

CocoFax encrypts all outgoing faxes to avoid any third-party from accessing the content of the fax. It uses the best security protocols to safeguard your communications online.

Versatile and multiplatform support

CocoFax allows you to fax from multiple platforms. It allows you to use any device from a smartphone to your computer. Provided your device is connected to the internet, you will always be able to send and receive faxes.

CocoFax supports iOS and Android devices and has applications for these platforms. Besides, any device with a web browser allows you to fax online from anywhere in the world.

So, with CocoFax, you no longer have to access traditional fax machines to send and receive faxes.


CocoFax sends you notifications for both sent and received faxes. You will receive a delivery notification for every fax you send. Also, you receive a notification whenever you receive fax in your inbox.

Lifetime storage

Unlike most online fax services that limit the number of faxes they archive, CocoFax archives everything. What’s more, CocoFax provides a convenient and neat way of archiving them.

All the faxes are archived online making it possible to access all of them online.

Click on this link to go to CocoFax website to have an overview of its service and offerings.

How to fax to an email address using CocoFax

To send and receive a fax into a person’s email address, he/she needs a fax number. CocoFax allows you to choose a custom fax number. Below are steps involved to receive a fax in your email address.

Step 1: Sign up for a CocoFax account using your email address. In the process, you will get to choose your preferred fax number free of charge. Take note of your fax number.

Step 2: In your CocoFax dashboard, click the ‘ New Fax’ button. A new window will appear.

Step 3: Fill in the requested details in the new window. In the ‘To’ filed provide the recipient fax number. For a note, fill in the ‘Subject’ field. Also, if you want to have a cover page, compose it in the body section of the new fax.

Besides, you can attach files into your fax. CocoFax supports attaching png, jpg, doc, xls and pdf files.

Step 4: Click the Send button if you are convinced you captured everything you wanted.

cocofax files

Provided the recipient uses CocoFax, he or she will receive a forwarded fax message in their email address. The recipient will only have to check their inbox and attachments to access the received fax.

Also, the email will include information about the sender and the time of transmission.


To send a fax online to an email address is made possible by online fax service. Sending and receiving fax in an email address requires a fax number and an online fax service. To use CocoFax, follow the guidelines above.

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