Nairobi Governor Wore Head Massager During Fumigation Against Coronavirus

it costs roughly Kshs 24,000

sonko head massager

sonko head massager

We are in the middle of a pandemic and it is not unusual to see people with personal protective equipment. These may include masks, hazmat suits or goggles.

Eccentric Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko tweeted some photos yesterday where he was leading a team to fumigate the streets in combating the COVID-19 virus. He said that everyday from dusk to dawn, the health workers will fumigate the CBD to ensure that the spread of the virus is contained.

The move was welcomed but immediately, the focus was strayed away from the fumigation and onto the strange contraption the governor was wearing.

This made Kenyans to come up with wild theories about it.

He’s from outer space

Is he wearing a VR headset?

He looks like the beloved TV character, Robocop

He looks like a Stormtrooper from the Star Wars movies

Some media houses thought it was a safety gearย 

The guesses were pretty wild and are based on stuff we have watched on TV. However, the governor was not wearing a VR headset or trying to be robocop or wearing a safety gear of sort. The gear in question is actually a completely different thing: A head massager!

The closest match to what the governor was wearing was this Breo iDream 3S eye and head massager and they sell it for $229.99 on the site (roughly Kshs 24,000). It is a pretty cool tech device that uses air pressure, vibration, heat compression and music to calm your nerves. It sounds like a device you should use at home to relax amidst all the stress we are subjected to daily. The decision by the governor to come with a head relaxer is strange at best.