Brands and People Hop in to Make Their Own Custom Zoom Virtual Backgrounds



Zoom is a pretty serious video conferencing app that has gained massively due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Zoom rose from having 10 million active users to over 200 million users in a short while. People use it to hold office meetings, attend yoga classes or for students to attend regular classes online.

Despite its widely reported security issues, Zoom has also become popular because of its virtual background feature. Zoom allows you to add a virtual background during a call so that you can mask your pretty boring walls. The app has preinstalled ones which include the Golden Gate Bridge or the Aurora Borealis but you can also add yours.

The fact that Zoom gave people a platform to have their own custom virtual backgrounds has led to two use cases. People have come up with pretty innovative Zoom backgrounds and brands have jumped on and creating their own backgrounds. It is quite refreshing honestly and these are some of them.

What if you were a penguin on Zoom

iCarly, The Office sitcom, Curious Boyfriend Meme and there is fire around me meme

Seinfeld set

I…I don’t know what to think of this


This is weird

This escalated quicklyΒ 


Top Gun reference?

This is currently my favourite.Β 

This is also pretty funny

Brands also jumped into the trend of providing Zoom virtual wallpapers. It is free advertising anyway.

Cartoon Network

Buffalo Wild Wings

Star Trek

John Wick

University of Miami

Final Fantasy Game

No name brands is my favourite

MKBHD’s famous studio too