This is How Much Running A Drone in Kenya Might Cost

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A month ago, The Civil Aviation (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Regulations, 2019 Act was approved, meaning it is legal to run drones in Kenya. We detailed the act in terms of registration, importation, commercial use cases, and actions that can lead to a suspended drone certificate. The rest of the details can be read here.

Now, KCAA has published a draft fee structure for drone operations, and for the most part, the charges appear to be on the expensive side. We have rounded up the numbers, and this is how much you are going to pay for importation and registration, airworthiness, and training organization, to mention a few, should the draft be approved:

Drone importation and registration 

  1. Issuance of import permit: $30 or about KES 3,000
  2. Registration: $30 or about KES 3,000. The comparative charge for registration under the existing regulation in KES 6,000.
  3. Certificate for registration, deregistration, or cancellation: $20 or about KES 2,000. The current cost is KES 10,000.
  4. Copy of the drone register: KES 3,000. The fee has not been drafted for an adjustment.
  5. Change of ownership: $25 or KES 2,500
  6. Amendment of the certificate of registration: $40 or about KES 4,000
  7. Issuance of a temporary permit: $100 or KES 10,000


The fees will be based on the current charges. At the moment, it is KES 7,000 for gliders that are not heavier than 1000 kilograms.

Remote Air Operator Certificate (ROC)

  1. Initial issue: $1000 or about KES 100,000
  2. Renewal of ROC: $500 or about KES 50,000 that is 80% of the initial charge
  3. Additional of a drone to the ROC: $50 or about KES 5,000
  4. Inclusion of the new drone Type: $200 or KES 20,0000
  5. Approval of manuals: $50 or about KES 5,000

Training Organization 

  1. Training organization approval: $1000 or about KES 100,000
  2. Renewal of ATOs certificate: KES 80,000
  3. Modification/amendment approval: $500 or about KES 50,000


  1. Operation authorization: $20 for Category A or $25 for Category B & C.
  2. Overflight permit: $100 or about KES 10,000
  3. Carriage of dangerous goods: KES 30,000 OpSpecs approval less than 5700 kgs.


  1. Issue of SRPL: KES 1000
  2. Issue of RPL: $40
  3. Beyond Visual Line of Sight (B-VLOS) Rating: KES 2000
  4. Extended Visual Line of Sight (E-VLOS) Rating: KES 2000
  5. Renewal of RPL: $20
  6. Instructor rating for RPL: $30
  7. Reissuing of duplicate RPL:  $100
  8. Validation of RPL: $50
  9. Examination SRPL: $40 from KES 1500
  10. Examination RPL: KES 2500
  11. Examinations Repeat (partial pass): Half of the normal rate.

According to the KCAA, ‘The charges are quoted in US Dollars however the conversion will be done and flexibility of payment in Kenya shillings facilitates. The exchange rates will be applied in line with other charges in the aviation charging system.’


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