Sony Finally Unveils 2 Versions of Highly Anticipated PlayStation 5

It is stunning



Sony finally revealed the much anticipated PlayStation 5 design to the world after keeping everyone waiting for the past 6 months.

Ever since Microsoft revealed the Xbox Series X design, we were all wondering how the PlayStation would look like and it is a treat.

The PS5 has this robotic alien-form look or a really great looking router with visible fins on its front end and blue light. The model they displayed is white in colour which matched the white DualSense pad they revealed much earlier.

The interesting bit is that we now have 2 versions of the PS5: There is the regular PS5 with a Bluray disc drive and a “digital” only. This makes a lot of sense since a lot of games purchased are digital-only, so it would appeal to those people that won’t buy discs anymore. However, it seems that they kept the Bluray drive for those people who still like having their game disks with them.

The PlayStation 5 has pretty awesome specs even for a high end gaming PC. It features an 8 core Zen 2 based AMD CPU that runs at 3.5ghz. The GPU is a custom solution based on AMD’s next generation RDNA 2 architecture which has 36CU’s running at 2.23 Ghz and generates 10.28 teraflops, which is pretty high end. The whole system shares 16GB of GDDR6 memory with a 256bit interface.

The PS5 also has a console best in class 825GB PCIe SSD that has a throughput of around 5.5GB/s, which is so much faster than last gen. this storage can be expanded by another NVME storage solution to keep more of the cool games we have seen being demoed today.

ps5 accessories

Sony also added a number of accessories for the PS5. There will be a wireless headset, a camera, charging dock and a media remote. The camera has dual 1080p lenses which could be used for streaming.  The Pulse 3D wireless headset features the 3D audio support that Sony has been hyping and dual noise-cancelling microphones. The media remote will have a mic for voice commands. The DualSense charging station is for charging two controllers at the same time.

We still do not know the price for the PlayStation 5 for the accessories but you bet we are hype as we await the sale of the console this coming holiday season.

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