NTSA Resumes Vehicle Inspection, Biometric DL Issuance Still on Hold

ntsa tims back online

NTSA has announced the resumption of inspection services following a temporary suspension that came into force at the beginning of the current pandemic.

The Authority says it has been in talks with key stakeholders and has assessed all potential risks in its operations. Therefore, the resumption will see mitigation measures as described by the National Emergency and Response Team on Coronavirus.

“The Authority has in place measures to ensure social distancing, emphasized hygiene practices, and provided necessary personal protective equipment to those involved in the inspection process. Further, all motor vehicles must be washed before accessing the centres,” reads a statement from NTSA.

The first phase of the inspection process has already served taxis, vans, and pickups that were in the line.

The second phase will target PSVs and heavy commercial vehicles.

NTSA adds that it looks forward to weeding out inconveniences. So, people who had made bookings that were set to expire on May 30 will see an extension to July 31.

Booking can be done using TIMS or e-citizen portals.

Issuance of smart driving licenses

NTSA had temporarily stopped issuing smart driving licenses. Driving schools were also advised to halt services.

The halt is still ongoing, and no tentative date has been given for a resumption.

However, NTSA says that it will send notifications to the public as soon as it resumes service.