iOS or Android: The Never-Ending Debate

iOS vs Android

Among the several pressing debates that have been deluging the world since times immemorial, one ongoing debate that never ceases to find some room in the media is that of iOS versus Android. The world looks like being divided on the lines of iOS users and Android users, and this dichotomy has led to a strife competition between the two operating systems.

One half of the planet’s mobile users believe that there is no other operating system as user-friendly as that of Android, while the other half put their blind faith in iOS. However, which one proves its mettle, in the long run, has not yet been understood given that both these operating systems have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Speaking of which, we have an article today that aims to shed light on this dichotomy and enlighten people about which one they might want to prefer on factoring in a few elements. Therefore, without any further ado, let us provide a holistic dimension to this debate and look at the nitty-gritty of these two operating systems in greater details.

Apps run the world, and users always look for the best apps to go about their daily jobs. Developers too, try to develop apps that can help users with their requirements and specifications. And that is why, when we are on a mission to determine which operating system serves to have a better user-interface, we need to discuss on the lines of app development. Therefore, we shall now look into the same and try to understand which OS is a better platform when it comes to app development.

The Revenue Model:

Looking at the revenue model that both these platforms use, one might not be able to come to a solid conclusion about which OS is better. Both the platforms, Android and iOS have their own revenue models that have been generating profits in handsome amounts. Android mostly use ads to support their apps and have been reaping profits from the same. On the other hand, iOS has a higher percentage of paid-apps which is obviously a model that happens to generate a tremendous amount of revenue. And this is why it is quite difficult to make a decision regarding about which OS is better based on the revenue model.

The Loyalty of Users:

Here is an extremely important factor that app developers must keep in mind while designing and targeting their apps for a particular platform. According to a recent study, about 92 per cent of iOS users have claimed to be completely loyal to the brand saying that they would not switch to any other brand under normal circumstances. However, this is not the same for people who use Android. Given a chance, Android users would happily make a switch to iOS. There is a certain charm, and the promise of a status that is associated with iOS and mobile users are aware of that. Therefore, coming to user loyalty, iOS wins the point here.

The Time Taken and Cost Involved:

Android app developers have to work hard to design different versions of the same app due to the factor of fragmentation, and this usually takes one more time, effort and money. Gaming apps, especially, have quite a bit of money and time involved in their development. Casino apps that usually are played for real-money need to be upgraded frequently to match the requirements found in the listings of the best US poker sites.

On the other hand, apps for iOS do not face the problem of fragmentation because they do not have to be upgraded every now and then. There is a lot of time that one has before a new model of the iOS comes out in the market. Therefore, app developers do not need to worry much about their budget and time when it comes to designing apps for iOS.

The Business Market:

High end business people and organizations have at least one device with the iOS operating system. In a room full of professionals, it will be difficult to find someone who does not have a Mac tablet or an iPhone. iOS platforms are preferred over Androids in the business world for their feature of high security and ease of scheduling in going about their various projects. That is why they have a higher demand for people who have a lot of business to go about on their phones and tablets.


Androids are amazing and very cost effective when it comes to buying a mobile with great features on it. However, from an app developer’s perspective, it looks like iOS steals the show. It is an easy platform to develop apps at low costs and can be targeted properly when all the factors that we have discussed in this article are checked for.