8 Good Reasons Why You Should Monitor Your Kid’s Phone

monitor children

In the past, the features of mobile phones were limited to making calls and sending text messages. In this modern-day and age, technological innovations have paved the way for smartphones that can be used for a variety of purposes, apart from the basic calls and texts. But smartphones are no longer limited to the use of adults as more and more kids now have access to these incredible devices.


While modern-day phones can be beneficial to your children, it can be a cause for their harm too, and as a parent, you would not wish for the latter. According to the tech-savvy experts behind https://thehightechsociety.com/, you can leverage innovative software solutions, which not only allow you to monitor the calls of your kids but also keep track of which apps on your children’s phones are used the most. Thus, you can immediately mitigate any circumstance that may put your children in danger. If this is not reason enough for you to monitor your kids’ phones, the other reasons cited below may further convince you.

1.  Text Messages

One of the most common reasons why you should monitor your child’s phone is to know whether they are sending or receiving inappropriate text messages to people that they hardly know or to their friends. Sexting is an example of these inappropriate text messages wherein your child may feel the pressure from their peers to send nude photos of themselves. If you track their messages, it is less likely for them to engage in improper text messages.

2.  Access to Inappropriate Content

Almost all information can now be found on the internet, even adult content which should be restricted for children. Parents may employ measures to ensure that inappropriate sites are blocked on the computers that their children use. However, they may find it challenging to block the same sites from their kids’ phones, which is why monitoring the phones of their children is the next best alternative to ensure that their kids steer clear from sites with unsuitable content.

3.  Cyber Bullying

More and more kids nowadays become victims of cyberbullying. To prevent this from happening to your child, it is best to monitor their phones which they use to access their social media accounts. However, make sure to make them understand what cyberbullying is, how they can protect themselves and prevent it from happening, or in a worst-case scenario, what they can do if this happens to them.

4.  Online Predators

Those with malicious intentions also leveraged on the advancements in modern technology to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of others. Thus, online predators such as pedophiles have emerged in various online platforms. As a parent, you will be able to protect your child from these people by constantly checking their phones and identifying whether they are getting messages from unknown people trying to lure your children to do what these predators want.

5.  Dangerous Apps

While most apps developed are intended for convenience or betterment of processes, as well as fun and innocent entertainment, there are those few that are intended to spread harm and mishap. These dangerous apps can pose as game apps, but throughout the game, it may condition the minds of the children to impose harm on themselves, or worse, even take their own lives. In the past couple of years, this type of dangerous apps has been reported in the news media in an attempt to warn parents about their effects on their children. If you are tracking the phone usage of your child, then you will be able to promptly remove this app.

6.  Excessive Spending

There are instances wherein you need to link your credit card to the phone of your children for emergency purposes. However, there are cases wherein your credit cards are used, not for emergencies, but to buy online game accessories or game lives to level up. This is a scenario that can be properly avoided by constant monitoring of how your children use their phones. Perhaps the best solution for this is to arrive at a compromise with your child such that they will be able to buy what they want for their online games if they work for it, like taking responsibility for household chores or getting good grades.

7.  Cyber Identity Theft

In the past, thieves went for personal belongings, but now, thieves can also go after your online identity. Oftentimes, they do so through social media platforms that your child can access through their smartphones seamlessly. This is the reason why it is of utmost importance to know how much personal information is being shared by your child online and to whom they are sharing it with. As much as possible, make sure that their social media accounts are set to private settings and that they only add friends that they actually know. You will be able to guide them accordingly if you keep track of their social media activities through their phones.

8.  Addiction

Monitoring the phone of your child can prove to help mitigate addiction and nip it in the bud. There are software solutions that you can use to automatically turn off your child’s phone after a certain period, regulating their screen time, particularly when they are already home. This will encourage them to find other things to do such as focusing on their sport or on their art, rather than concentrating on their phones.

To wrap things up, there are various reasons why you should monitor your kid’s phone. This includes the need for you as a parent to know whether they are sending or receiving inappropriate text messages, accessing improper content, or they are being a victim of cyberbullying. Tracking their phones means that you will also keep them away from online predators or dangerous apps, as well as mitigate any unnecessary or excessive spending for their apps or games. You will also be able to protect them from identity theft or even addiction. Rest assured that in monitoring the phones of your children, you are only after their safety and well-being.