Uganda Wants Webinars, Podcasts to Seek Authorization Before Broadcast


Just like the Communications Authority of Kenya, the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) is tasked with policing the technology space in the East African nation.

Uganda is also known for making its residents pay social media tax.

That is not all as a new directive from UCC seeks to introduce stringent rules for broadcasting services.

According to the Authority, if a social media page is used to ‘transmitting sound, video or data intended for simultaneous reception by the public (Broadcasting) and by data, we mean electronic representation of information in any form including audiovisual, you need authorization as a data communicator.’

This development, UCC says, is according to Sections 2, 5 and 27 of the Act and Regulation 5 of the Uganda Communications (Content) Regulations 2019. The law requires the UCC to license, regulate and set a standard for the provision of all communication services in the country, including radio comms and online broadcasting.

The directive is defended as a move to promote and safeguard the interests of consumers, regulators, viewers and listeners.

The notice is calling for people who are planning to start the provision of digital data communication and broadcasting services, including blogs, online TVs and radios, online newspapers, audio over IP, video on demand, IPTV, digital audio radio and televisions, web radio and web TV to obtain authorization for such services.

Target groups have been asked to obtain authorization before October 5.

This development comes at a time when organizations and people are using online services for work and connecting with colleagues amid the pandemic.

In Kenya, the mentioned services (podcasts, webinars, name them) have been running smoothly without any kind of authorization from the CA.

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