How to protect your privacy when you have to use a public WiFi connection


As we progress further into the future the technological advances keep growing. These advancements have given people the opportunity to have access to every piece of information needed online. Yet, little do we think about our online safety when using the internet. In this article we will show you how to protect your privacy when online and what are some threats you may encounter.

The risks of using a public connection

So, let us assume you just sat down in your favorite coffee shop getting ready to chat with your friends, search something online or check your bank account. In that moment, we think little about how protected we are when using the public internet.

By connecting to a public network you are sharing a connection with many people and this could lead to potential issues. Institutions like the government or the ISP (Internet Service Provider) are constantly tracking internet users, mostly to prevent any possible illegal actions. However, it is not pleasant knowing that someone has your internet, browsing and download history. One of the main ways that the user can be tracked is via the IP address. This is a unique virtual address that can pinpoint the user’s exact location as well as their online activity.

Another threat online are, of course, hackers or scammers. These are individuals with competent IT skills that prey upon weakly protected devices and accounts. Being hacked could lead to real issues, such as being exposed online, leaking of personal or private information such as bank accounts, living address and other information. Hackers usually have a malicious intent, unlike the government and the ISP.

Knowing all of this, I think we can all agree that protecting your privacy is something everyone should take seriously. Especially in this day and age, where people spend every day on the internet and share information constantly.

There are many useful tools that protect the user online, but without a doubt one of the main and best tools is VPN.

What is VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an essential internet tool that provides protection and anonymity to the user. With the main feature of protecting the user’s online identity and information VPN is surely one of the best online protection apps you can find.

By creating a single-shared network between the user’s device and the selected virtual server it ensures a safe and secure online experience. It finds many uses, both in private and business purposes.

Some of the main features this app provides are:

  • Online anonymity – It hides your real geographical location shared by the IP address. As it allows the user to choose a remote virtual server it successfully hides the real IP address and provides the user with the virtual one.
  • Hack and scam protection – Since VPN has high encryption protocols it ensures high levels of protecting your privacy. With the internet traffic encrypted and the real IP hidden, it ensures that the user is neither tracked nor prone to hacks.
  • Internet freedom – Because it allows users to connect to different virtual servers around the world, VPN also allows users to gain access to any website or streaming service regardless of the physical location. Governments and other institutions usually block certain websites due to geo-political or religious beliefs. Other websites or streaming services tend to lock websites for other countries. By selecting the virtual server and connecting to it the website will read as if the user is in the said country, thus allowing him to safely enter the website.

How does VPN protect your privacy?

As we mentioned above, VPN creates a single-shared network between the user’s device and the virtual server. This creates an unbreachable connection which cannot be hacked or tracked.

The best part is, the software uses no log policies which means that once you disconnect from the certain server every log made during the use will evaporate and disappear. This adds another layer to the privacy protection as it stops any possible tracking of the internet history.

VPN comes with a price, and the price is not even that high. Depending on what provider you opt for, the subscription fee should cover:

  • Fast internet connection
  • Ability to access global content without issues
  • Option to choose from a variety of servers per country
  • Multiple device compatibility ( PC, mobile phone, lap top, TV)
  • Trusting privacy policies
  • Available customers support
  • Value for money (money paid=services provided)

Top-notch VPN providers will always offer their users a trail version to see if they find their services adequate.

Why is VPN crucial to protect your privacy?

We do not think much about how protected we are while online and this is the main feature of VPN. It is here to provide the user full protection even when the user is not aware he is endangered.

Many people use VPN when working remotely. Traveling and working has gained a level of protection and availability with this tool as it allows users to gain access to any website, no matter where they are. On top of that, it provides anonymity and protection while doing so. It is 2020. and it seems as the internet keeps expanding day by day. So, start thinking about your online security and know that VPN is one of the best privacy apps you should download right now. With full protection and features that make internet experience safer we have no doubt that VPN will keep on expanding and providing proper protection to users worldwide.